Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Somethings

"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor."

Truman Capote
Geez, why can't there be more quotes with a food analogy like this? I LOVE IT!, And I GET IT! It makes me want to go cook something! NOT.
Good Sunday to you! I have my nose in the quilt but needed a break. I think I texted 6 people and then decided just to blog. I think. Do you realize how much pondering you can get done while nose is in a quilt? I know!  I decided that I am way beyond working n this quilt. Done already come onnnnn. Maybe I will put the KY BOSH on kings. A short attention span you say? I know!!!
I really want to make another YIKES quilt. Remember Walt's? Those batiks are so comfy and easy on the eyes to me. I'll be starting that in my spare time.
I would really love to be down on the beach tonight. Its so warm and just a light breeze. Not sure where this heat wave is coming from, but I sure love coastal weather. ::sigh::: One winning lottery ticket Lord... come on!!! I was out and about yesterday and could NOT believe how many people were in town! The harvest festival was going on, streets blocked off, and everyone was sweaty in 90 degree heat! I thought that was hysterical being a harvest festival and all. Jake tells me that fall has arrived in Idaho. I love Montreal in fall, but you knew that. I personally couldn't stand to work this way, so I split for a few hours! I had a nice time sitting by the surf, pondering away. Theres parts of me that cant let go of parts of me. Not easy to understand, I'm sure, but real none the less. Ah Oh.. I feel DEEP coming on and I need to quilt! CLIC... Meet me here tomorrow for coffee:) In the meantime, wanna see the most beautiful girls in the world? They snatched my work CROCS and teased Nonni:) I miss them so much!
Jamie & Aviana Summer of 2010. 4 Months to Forever

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