Friday, September 17, 2010

Not A Foodie Friday

(It's an MRI Friday!)

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem
 and smarter than you think."
 Christopher Robin 

How true is THIS? Wow. (thanks Terri) I have been using this as an incantation here of late. (whatever works, right?) Self talk chants do for me. I change them like my songs and prayers...... short, choppy, meaningful and often! I sometime call them Popcorn Prayers. They pop in and out of my head and thru my lips, all over the place. This morning, all are in full swing, and needed.
Mornin` Dear blogreaders! Hows your cuppa? I am eating a toasty while typing. The keyboard is suffering. Its freezing in here! I think we went down to 35 last night!  I need to make Rudy a warmer quilt. He cant take the cold very well. He hasbeen relocated to the shop here with me, and its considerably different weather in here. Hey! Tomorrow is his 10th birthday!:::Wheres the birdie muffin recipe?::::
I'm not cooking today. No recipes needed. I REALLY want to go out to dinner soon. I was out and about yesterday, passed my favorite Sushi house and swear I swooned aloud! I remembered dinners out as a distant memory. What a jacked up summer. GRUNT. Lets see, new chapter in Journey to a Harvest moon.
"Four months to Forever". Good one, write that down. I wonder if I'll EVER finish that book? Oh well, its good to ponder.. safe to dwell on.
OK Peeps, Im off to make it a great day (anyway)! Much to do. I think I'll go wash my car:::Geez I LUB her::: on the way to the postal just to make me feel good. Hey? Does anyone else do that? When my car is all gased up and clean as a whistle, its like a perfect Mani/Pedi? YA JUST FEEL BETTER?
I TOLD u it aint easy being me! If I had the funds I'd go PURTY everything up!  Ya know, Me, Ginny, my car...etc....


Mama Pea said...

Love that quote. And yes, a clean car full of gas is a beautiful thing!

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Hugs and Prayers from Coloraado!

Anonymous said...

love winnie the pooh quotes and that is a favorite of mine. take care.

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