Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Hatchday Sir Rudy!!

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience
in which you really stop to look fear in the face."

– Eleanor Roosevelt
Good Saturday mornin` to you peoples. How goes YOUR DQL? I think I will bring it on home with the design work on this king beast quilt... and make a good dish for dinner... hmmmm How about Moroccan Lamb Chops?:::thinkin:::: with some Israeli Couscous and fresh broccolini? How man of ya love broccolini? Geez I love it too! So tender and delicate flavor. Beats the stems off regular broccoli eh? I know!
Now you KNOW I'm cooking for Sir Rudy's birthday right? Yep yep yep... Happy birthday Rud Rud! Today its been 10 years of PITA bird! Funnily enough the marriage is the same...hmmmmm Legally, that is.
OK, so... I started his birthday with a coconut cookie. JES FER FUN. I love to watch his eyes pin in and out when he is thoroughly swooned by a "bite" of his favorite things. me... LOVES cookies! lol
An AHA moment occured to me this morning of our likenesses too. I am "attached" to certain kinds of things and literally go mental if its moved or taken, misplaced...whatever. I have NO IDEA why this is.:::character flaw?::::
I even have my Mamy's cutlery counted on a daily basis! OCD? IF there isn't 12 of each there I am absolutely insane to its whereabouts! For the most part, It seems to be stuff with personal attachment to it. Is anyone else this way? Come on... tell me! Certain linens, decor items, furniture... whatever.. if it holds sentiment, I am mental woman about it. Other stuff... doesn't really matter, no matter its monetary value. Weird, I think.
MRI Update:  I lived through it, although I was noticebly DRUNK FOR HOURS afterward? It really is a good thing Walt showed up to drive me home, I dont think I would have made it. Now we wait. GRUNT. Another character flaw... impatient. Drunk wasnt so bad... And guess what? We had a lovely Sushi Stop! No cooking! Ahhhhhhh
Did you hear about all of the student loan defaults going on in the country? How do ya do that? I thought it was UNforgivable.... Watch the news! Obama isnt holding people to it! Holy crap things are running through my mind I tell ya!
OK, Im awake. I better get to it now that I have my ponder food lined up. Thanks dear blogreaders! Make it a great Saturday and so will I. Know why? At least 100 prayer warriors got my back! TYTYTYTY


marilyn said...

Hapyy Birthday to Rudy ! Give him another
cookie from me. You certainly do have
a lot of prayer warriors,so good things are
bound to happen. Have a Great Saturday.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Sentimental stuff? Fortunately, or not, Tom encourages me to "hold on to" all those things that have deep meaning to me. Dresses made by my sister when I was in High School, toys, notes about Mom's illness, - see what I mean? Maybe not fortunate?
However, it means that when I have just the right person, I can hand a treasure on to them. Right now a big box is on its way to Sarah. Can't imagine anyone better to take care of my baby doll, can you?
Prayers and love from Colorado.
Happy HatchDay, Rudy!

Vicki W said...

Rudy thanks the bird God every day for being so lucky to live in your home!

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