Sunday, September 30, 2007

ZipLoc Shareholder

Yes, I wish to be directed to the nearest investment firm to lay down some big bucks for this product's continued success, that I not only cant live without but I think I made someone rich buying so many! I need a list. How many ways can you use ZipLoc bags? Oh...they aren't for sandwiches we know... No... no... and gone are the days that I use them for little army men so my feet don't get torn up. I remember using them for barbie clothes that I actually made! Yesteryear ziplocs were a Mothers right arm! Now... I guess I grew up dang it. I put away the toys, but never will I stop finding uses for those handy bags. Today I did the Costco run (affectionately known as the 500 dollar store) and made alot of meals for Walt while I'm away at class in So Cal. I used teeny versions for Rudy to make the week a tad bit easier on Walt too. I also knocked out 2 small quilts ( E2E) and tagged & Bagged em.. It occurred to me that all over the house, no matter where I went, I had used a ziploc! No kidding! I was doing laundry and Ginger ( the pill) ran off with the bounce box and ate part of it, so you know where the best place to keep the bounce airtight is eh? yep yep yep.... I gathered toiletries for my suitcase, I don't need spillages next to clothes.... I packaged meats for smaller use (Costco, WE EATEM BIG STORE) I made meals and refrigerated those. During wine 30, and cooking... ( goes together u know) I opened a new rice bag, had to bag it back up right? After dinner the baggies came out again for lovely leftovers. And while the little ones were out, I gathered Gingers hair accessories and put them all away. I used 3 different sized Bags for quilts. ( doncha love the new ones?) I cut a few more 2 1/2 strips and bagged those too! I am packing up the infamous Dresden pieces to bring with me for down time (HAHAHAHA) so I needed a baggie for pins, needles, nippers,etc... I tell ya! It never ends! Its a miracle baggie! When I leave here, I will go make Walt's lunch and use what? I KNOW!!! See???? So... I could be a walking advertisement for these people, but I would rather just have the money. So if their are any brokers out there that just happen to love coming in to read this blog, SIGN ME UP!!I snapped a few proof pics for ya too! I think I'm onto something here!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Justin!

Nine... I think my Grandson is nine? Wow, I'm losing it here...cant remember ages? (lets blame it on menopause K?)

When Justin was born I was frantically trying to run a hotel and be available for labor and delivery coach too. I remember the Director of the hotel telling me that there was no way it took THAT long to have a child. I was offended by this, and told him he was just a man, I dont think you are qualified to make such an assessment. ( he didnt like that at all). Justin finally arrived and was quite a compliant child, however now that he has found his voice seems to give his family a run for thier money. ( read, his Mother X 100) The curse lives on in all parents eh? Wasnt it just yesterday that I wagged my finger at my daughter saying wait til you have kids JUST like you? Smart as a whip, this child... maybe he will be an attorney.You see him wagging that breadstick over there? I am sure that he is telling someone just how the cow eats the cabbage!
He is STILL waiting for a quilt from his Nonni, however in my defense, he changes his hero's monthly. Needless to say, I have a stash built here ranging from Superman to Harry Potter and all of them in between! When he comes over, he fondles them... trying to choose. I think it may give him pleasure just collecting super hero fabrics? ( I can relate). I took his gift to him last week. Instinctively he knew that I was carrying it. He cocked his head to one side and said "Nonni? is that really clothes?" I laughed and wondered if history repeated itself because THATS what my own boys always said. The clothes were ok for him, but I scored on the black jacket. He did like that alot. I really should stay UP on the toys better than I do. Now with all the lead content coming from China, maybe clothes arent such a bad thing afterall?

Happy Birthday Dear Justin, I love you:)


We will be enjoying the festivities today downtown! I have a quilt hanging somewhere, not sure where, it will be a quest!I think its for the Rotary Club Auction. It should be a nice break in my day!
Happy Saturday to you and yours!


Friday, September 28, 2007

HGTV-Divine Design- I Need You?

Did you ever just walk into a room and not like anything you see? I mean your own room(s). Today I walked out here and one by one discounted each area of my shop. I think it began with my whiteboard. Its full, intimidating yet exciting! I went to bed last night after having done the books for the month, thinking that I had a "jump" on it. I was disappointed having not made my goal for the month. Grunt. The last thing I looked at was THE whiteboard. Turning off all the lights and lifting Rudy to my shoulder, I wondered off scratching things tired and a bit perplexed.I spy the dusty rose thread HANGING from a quilt hanger, and where the heck is my favorite purple that I need tomorrow? I wondered, as I do DAILY... how to work smarter, not harder. It truly escapes me these days. Being a waitress, you learn to never go anywhere empty handed, making few trips as possible to your end destination. As a Director, you make lists and delegate as much as you can in order for ALL to reach the destination. As a busy Mom you schedule everyone according to their abilities, until you have a well oiled machine of an environment..... As a sole proprietor.... sigh...escaping me right now too damn it. Do I hand Rudy and Ginger a list? Hire a Girl Friday? Sleep less? Spend less time on the computer? Cant, Cant, hmmm, cant, and wont. There must some way be able to put ALL THOSE ABOVE skills, into this one. I know its here somewhere! I welcome ideas, comments, lets brainstorm here. This is a problem, lets find some solutions, I'll send you the results K?

So I walk in this morning and see the board... shake my head and decide that I need a better intake system. With coffee and bird in hand I walk to his tree and think... oh jeez this isn't a good place for his tree. Set him down and wonder to the desk where I get pissy about my DSM being so close to the computer desk are that I have a hard time reaching either the printer or the Ruler wall. I sit down disgusted with my (lack of) organization, and decide that all these freaking cords just clutter up my brain making me mental! But if I start ripping into the room to re arrange things, I'm cutting into my work time, which today is coupled with errand time. ( a hellofa dance!) Get up. pour more coffee. Rudy is now whistling TEQUILA (Herb alpert and the Tijuana brass) and I tell him to please sing a bluezyer tune. He asks me if I want a margarita, and Im just sooo not there yet eh? (just hook me up to caffeine spiggot). After turning on the TV too hopefully shut him up I whip out the trusty Binding ruler and cut up some strips to put away. Now I gotta tell you, most people would think that I AM organized, but Im not, its an illusion. Only I know where chit is.
I think blogging will help. Brainstorming through writing, Yep, I do indeed like that. I made my list mid-blog, so I better get to it. Maybe someone from HGTV will see this and come rescue me? The shop is 24x24 lovely space not being used efficiently. I will cook for you, or even make you a quilt! Send that woman from Divine Design, I like her.. Whats her name? Candace? I think she is Canadian. I'm going to work. Have a good day, and find me answers K?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Worthy Excercise

My Hubby Teacher does this with his students, I think he is brilliant:) enjoy!

A professor stood before his class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.
The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. Again they agreed it was.
The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes."
The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.
"Now," said the professor as the laughter subsided, "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things---your family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions---and if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full."
"The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car."
"The sand is everything else--the small stuff. If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, "there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you."
"Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Spend time with your children. Spend time with your parents. Visit with grandparents. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your spouse out to dinner. Work hard, play hard. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first....the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand."

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled and said, "I'm glad you asked. The coffee just shows you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who Moved My Cheese?

Is the latest audio read in the shop and I wanted to share my review with you. It is the easiest of analogy type books I have ever read for self help! Who moved My Cheese stars Sniff and Scurry, (the mice) and Hem & Haw (the little people). You dont have to be a business owner, a manager, or even an executive to glean from this many lightbulb moments for chasing away fears, accepting change, and yes even driving to ones dreams. I think that Parents, wives, husbands, students, and yes especially quilters, would enjoy this light hearted read.


Stop & Smell The Roses

Pain throws your heart to the ground, love turns the whole thing around. No it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good.
And then came pretty flowers to remind me. Lots of pretty flowers! Thank you Babe, for the flowers, for the ear, and the brainstorming.
Isn't it wonderful to receive flowers mid day as a complete surprise? with NO CARD? WOW, can you just imagine the pondering that spurred?? I didnt know! Well, I had a pretty good idea, but if you have a good imagination ( who?) you can conjure up alot of what ifs right? LMAO!!!!
Scuse the cutting table mess in here.. its definitely the wild zone these days.
Happy hump day to all of you, I hope your week is productive and everyone is ramping up for the fall festivities! I myself have been enjoying pumpkins coming out everywhere. I think I will venture over to Trader Jo's and pick up a few for the front porch. I feel a butternut squash soup coming on too. I gave you that recipe didnt I? I think so. The coffee is especially good today. If you haven't tried SLO coffee, (this is Colombian) give it a shot. Central coast brew I finally bought recently. Next week I will splurge on their Kona. I smelled it and immediately took me to Hawaii for a split second! K, I'm off to work, but I gotta tell you I could sure use a girl Friday over here...any takers?
Love yer guts! G

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

730 Ponders?

Or so it would seem In answer to a question about WHAT do I ponder from Sarah Bears blog yesterday, I thought I would reply here. ( cause Im so chatty it didn't fit in her comments

One thing I like about driving is that you do in fact have roped and tied yourself into a small confined space with nothing to do but ponder. The route that I sometimes take is very limited on radio stations, and I cant even answer why I have but ONE cd in the car to listen to? ( Poor John Mayer) When I thought back to my roadtrip ponders I was shaking my head at the difference between trip there, and trip back. WOW, What a difference!
For 365 miles I pondered things like why are all the wineries on this James Dean HWY stretch? Who has that much money to build such fantastic mini mansions anyway? Why were there cows in these hills when all you can see are grapevines? And look! The cows are laying down it must be raining! ( Blima-ism)
I hit a few miles of construction and it set me off to pondering the whole issue of women working in hard hats and tragic shoes! What do you know I see one flagging me to slow down! Yep, she does indeed have on tragic shoes! They appear to be those Red Wing Steel toe jobs with alot of schmutz on them.Why in the world would they like this job? I considered the last months work and felt proud of me for such diligence and patted myself on the back a time or two for having done a great job on all those quilts. I must have spent a good hour at least planning Christmas gifts in the form of quilts for various people too. I wondered where the quilt given to my daughter in law had gone to, and I quickly changed the channel in my mind. As you can see I prefer shallow thoughts this day.
The 365 mile trek home wasn't so carefree eh? I must tell you that it was one of the hardest drives I had driven. I pondered the terrible disease diabetes and tried to calculate how many women in my family contracted it, and at what age. I became so angry, jealous maybe, that I see older women on a daily basis aging from 20-90 who are zooming around quilting, visiting, laughing, and my Mom, age 80 now, is as weak as a kitten and could care less about picking up a needle and thread. I really hate this disease and what has become of my Mom, and what may even become of me.
I pondered the future, and my families dynamics quite a bit. I wondered how they would change, and I KNOW that change is coming. It always does. I spent a great deal of time thinking about my adult children, and what is to come of us all. I must have walked myself through 30 years trying make sense of dysfunctions. I decided that we all have out own personal cross to bear in life eh? At some point we are adults, make our own choices, and cant hold other people responsible for them. I was dealt a hand of cards, it is up to me to play them. One of the greatest things age brings is wisdom I think. Through life we have made mistakes, and hopefully learned from them. Its too bad that you cant just hand this over to someone, wrap it up in a pretty box with ribbon and say "Here, I want you to have this, cause I love you so much". Lets call it the gift of enlightenment.The last leg of my drive home the sun was setting on a familiar corner. Where the water meets the road and the ocean breeze hits me. You know the corner. I decided to ponder the next weeks workload. I am very happy to have such a great job and place to work in. I pondered the new memory quilt being built for the Epilepsy foundation this month. How ironic that I will be making it in Laurel Burch fabrics, and she passed this month of yet another horrid disease. I will miss her happy prints, her whimsical ways. I wondered how so many women with these debilitating diseases can be so happy and productive? Why cant my Mom? Sally Fields came to mind here... so I laughed at myself, then I cried some more. I gotta tell ya... I much prefer the shallow drive to, as opposed to the heavy drive home. Today I shall ponder 3 rush jobs before my classes in So Cal! I'm coming Ronda!

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's THAT Day Again................

Happy Marvelous Monday oh great blog readers:) I'm home and once again I did 730 miles, and accomplished MANY things! What things you say? Well..............

I delivered some drop dead gorgeous quilts to happy customers and picked up several more to brighten the shop with. ( wait, let me turn on those cool bullets K?

  • I dined with a few of my children Thursday evening, kissing the grand babies. You wouldn't believe how my grandson has grown! I think he will pass his Dad one day! Aviana gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever recieved in life. She said to me......
    Nonni? Wheres Ginger? (at the beach with pappa) Nonni, wheres da bird? (at the beach with pappa, Nonni.? Yes Avi? I will always lub you. :::insert inheritance security here:::

  • I made it through my Dads surgery with Mom and sis. He is one tough old man eh?

  • I enjoyed a manicure with Mom ( hey new blog title) Her health is failing so fast I am very afraid. I think Diabetes is on my top 10 hate list.

  • I played with my niece and nephew via iphone and heard all the news of homecoming dates. Jackie's dress is just amazing:)

  • I spent some good time "chewing the fat" with my Sis, and we wished that our newly found brother was with us to chew even more. I made a huge pot of Blimas chicken soup for Ma...We shopped a little, and yes, there were new shoes involved in this:) ( sneakers....with the letter G all over them, lets pretend it doesn't mean GUESS ok?)

  • Sunday...well Sunday was a rough day.... Dad was released into a (rehab so soon huh?) Mom had a meltdown in the center...We all congregated for lunch at my daughters home where in hindsight I think we auditioned for the Jerry Springer Show! I did get to spend some time with my friend (who witnessed the JSS) and she gave me good therapy afterward. Thank You Heather, I made it home in a few less broken pieces, & Walt put the rest together with me.

  • I managed to get a few extra things done in all of this, like stopping at Smart & Final for a new BUNN carafe for my coffeemaker. ( I LOVE MY BUNN!) Getting things squared away with our rental home tennants, and even ran the car through the car wash again. Can you say Bugs? Found yummy Laurel Burch fabrics for my upcoming memory quilt for the Epilepsy Foundation...let see.....Im sure I did more that I cant recall, I was on speed
I will leave you with a few pics, and then I am off to unload the car and wonder around. Yes, its an Underwear day...and I need it:)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Blima!

I know what you're thinking....


(stay tuned, a few more in my pocket)

Happy Birthday Dear Blima, I'm probably a driving tired fool today, on my way home from the valley deliveries. I am sure I will have much to tell you! I hope you have a wonderful day and that everyone makes you feel as special as you are:) I will be pondering our favorite memories while driving, hell, I might even pop in some Michael Buble and sing my heart out for ya! Blima and I have many fond roadtrip memories. Countless stories and hysterical laughter for days. Its so therapeutic for us!! It doesn't matter if we are shopping, eating, gossiping, debating world issues or even bitching each other out, we do have a grand time doing it! I miss you pal, and look forward to seeing you SOON????? :::sigh:::

I love you Dear Blima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few favorite photos for friends.......

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Morning & Hasta Domingo!

Well, I did it. Yep yep yep... 2 am, I finished the last of nine quilts to be returned to the valley this morning.I cannot even believe it myself! I think the problem was having to many customs thrown in the mix this month huh?I dunno. I want to thank Sharon for the lil extra push and ideas or the last one may not have made it! I just starred at it around 7 pm, shook my head, poured coffee and whined to Sharon on the computer. She quickly said in quiltspeak...ok...easy peasy G... Sid, CC, squiggly over there, steam over here and water up the borders... Bingo, lightbulb! Alrighty then.... its a plan Stan! ( I mean Sharon).Two heads really ARE better than one! (even if one is a cabbage head)(me Sharon, calm down). I made Walt's lunch and wondered to bed, pondering if everything had been done that needed to be before leaving for the week end. Jeez, I haven't heard yet but I hope that I put meat in the sandwich this time.

I just woke up(7ish) and feeling sort of like a lil dish rag, but I must tell you that I had such a nice surprise over in my first cuppa in the morning read quilting board. A fellow colleague and blog reader posting about how she likes my daily musings here at DG. (did she know I was going to ditch the blog this morning?) I am truly flattered and a bit embarrassed... but smiling like a Cheshire Cat too:) Thanks Penny, and all who come to visit. You may know (if u read) how I am away from family and friends now (2 years) I miss them terribly on occasion, and say just that. I suppose my blog is a creative outlet for me in substitution. I love to talk, and they aren't here, so now I have many readers to talk to eh? For that, I thank you. I have always loved to write, however my writing is my speech. What that means is... get a cuppa, sit down, listen up, and hold on, cause you are taking the "whatever it is today" ride right along with me:). I'm certain that it isn't grammatically precise, nor politically correct, its just me keeping it real, for me. Hey! I got it! My new Hobby! Well, there ya go........... Hey Look! We are getting closer to 10K hits down there! I will ponder a fun contest for the big day!

I'm off to make deliveries and more importantly see all my babies, grandbabies, friends, sis, parents, niece and nephew... PHEW... its gonna be a heck of a week end! I'll be home Sunday night, everyone behave without me. Ok, be safe and sane at least. Here's my daily desktop, and oh man I cant wait to smooch this face up!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Rudy!

6 Years ago, (also the 9-11 anniversary) Sir Rudy of Vickrey came to love with us! (9-18-07) Initially he would only whistle and grunt alot, but by the time he was one year old, he took his human Daddy's voice and began to regal us with his short choppy sentances. He now is well over 600 words and phrases, and sounds EXACTLY like Walt. Dont be alarmed if you hear Walt calling you a dumbass, very gruffly. Its really Rudy trying to intimidate you. He always delivers laughs, and yes, now and again a nip of a finger. grunt. His number one joy in life is to eat. Pictured below eating his kiwi berry birthday Tart. Secondly to roam all over his cage and jungle gym doing his parrot Olympics up there. He showers with me and does all the singing but truth is, he cant carry a tune in a bucket! He whistles perfectly a song, but to sing it, its kind of like watching your worst episode of American Idol.
Rudy insists on working in the shop with me daily. In here he will chat with me, sing, dance, pester the poodle, and even argue with me. He has many fabric scraps hanging from his manzinitaa tree and enjoys chewing the strands while saying "mama sew...."He is very demanding,and a bit of a piggy, but then, I'm used to that.:::snicker:::
Happy birthdayto my lil ole man in his grey flanned suit. I love you Dear Rudy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Marvelous Monday's

As some of you may recall in an earlier blogabout, I like to use Mondays for a reflection on the past weeks events. Cathartic you say? Ok... I'll buy that for a quarter. Its good to know that even when we have a rough week, we can find the good in many of those lost hours. After pondering, it isn't so hard to make it thru a manic Monday after all.

  • I was grateful to answer the phone to many local quilters calling for appointments after a long leisurely summer.
  • Happy to have my machine give me no grief while I was slave girl in here.
  • Thankful to have help with the housework, jeez I loathe these floors.
  • Thrilled to have found a few perfect gifts for special loved ones near and far....especially Jerry Garcia tie for Walt! lol His new suspender fetish has me so tickled! Wait til he sees whats in the mail!
  • So grateful for a heartwarming e-mail from a customer singing my praises when I could not.
  • Happy to have Walt brainstorm with me and help me make sense of things.
I'll leave you with a beautiful picture of a NOT QUITE a Harvest moon, and my daily desktop shot. I'm gonna get that machine humming! As always, MAKE IT a Marvelous Monday!
PS: Bullets are fun! LOL

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Sunday, September 16th ............ Happy Birthday Jake! Every September I see sons and grandson age... guess this means I see me age... wow... time is flying by now! And I WONDER why I have a tough time every September???
23 years ago I gave birth to the biggest of my boys weighing in at 10.5... can I get an OMG? Today he towers all of us at 6.something, but whos counting? He has been home from Iraq now a difficult year, and we fear headed back for his second tour any day now. I'm not happy about this. He is in Transportation and I dont even want to talk about that.. so lets discuss other stuff, K? He is a new Father now, so he will deployed with even more interests left at home. Oh I forgot.. not talking about that.
Jake has always been a curious, knowledge seeking kid..oh sorry, he isnt a kid anymore right? Question boy back then(and now) he had himself into everything! He loves to cook, and always has. Baseball was his claim to fame as a child and we loved all the games. I especially liked his MVP years.
He loves Pismo too, and tearing up the dunes on the ATV's. He doesnt like my parrot, and the feelings are mutual. Below is a collage Walt made for him to take with him with all of us in it... ( see rudy? LOL) (its funny!) I honestly dont see where 23 years went... It seems like yesterday I was hauling he and his friends around with baseball bats and koolaid. Reality is, yesterday was actually a rough Christmas with him away in Iraq. But 23 years ago, a special day indeed. Happy Birthday Dear Jake, I love you.

Friday, September 14, 2007


In my car on the rear view mirror, I carry a charm that reads "Life is a Journey". I am sure that many have heard this a thousand times over. It is my subjective opinion, that all of us choose how to take the ride. Each and everyday, we make choices, some large, and some small. They all affect the ride.
I recently read something on Carla’s blog that intrigued me, and gave me pause as well. It was her 5 tips on how to be creative. How to let the juices flow so to speak. I have pondered this all week. In the midst of a few personal trials of my own, I had to ask myself. Why arent you being creative this week? Why are you blue G? You havent dreamed up a good recipe, nor played with any new skills on the long arm.. why not? Do you need to do Carlas 5 step program? ( I often have self -talks, please induldge a few minutes more)
(Hang on, let me get some more coffee, this is gonna be chatty.. wanna cuppa?)
I decided that its comes down to more than just choices. Its stress! Stress in personal and professional lives cause stress, which cause aging, which cause tummy aches (and more) and causes me not to be in harmony with myself!
In trying to manage stress, I feel that sometimes I am my own worst enemy! What stands between the organized chaos and serenity? ME!!!
So how can I/we combine choices and stress free healthy living in order to be more creative? OK, I shall make some rules.

* We cannot be perfect, so stop trying to be.
I cant tell you how many times I am waiting for the perfect time, place, or person to make things right for me! I dont need to be perfect, just good enough for me.

*We cannot be everyones everything, either you enjoy what I have to offer in trade as a friend, partner, relative etc..., or you dont.
Whether you like it or not, some people aren’t going to like you/me... so what? I cant be a chameleon and be everything to everyone. So be it. In business and relationships, decide who you are and what you stand for, and live it.

* Don’t try to epitomize the title MULTI-TASKER.
My Dad actually used to call himself, Jack of all trades, master of none. (keyword: master of none) Thats bologna I say...But still I try to do it all? Ay Dios Mio! Don’t spread yourself too thin, you really cannot be the best at everything that you want.

* Learning to say no is one very hard lesson.
At the end of the day.... there are times when you simply have too much going on to stay productive. Sometimes there is too much on your plate, and it will not let you drive to your own dreams!
It can be hard saying no...stop now, hold up a minute.... and you may feel badly about it, but you’ll be happier, you’ll get more done and the people you live with will actually be better off for it as well. My hubby feels so bad saying NO to me, I know this, but sometimes he must because I can really dream large, live large, get so excited about things that I become the Pied Piper!

* Make time for yourself.
Now that my hobby has become my profession. I find that ME time escapes me. What do I like to do NOW to relax? Have a glass of wine... go to the beach and listen to the sounds, smell the ocean air, and watch every birds actions. I recently found that I MUST schedule this in, or it just wont happen. It does clear my mind and renews some energy. Scheduling this in, seemed to give me more motivation to get things done sooner in the shop. I have often found myself throwing hands in the air and going shopping... (oh, u already knew that)

*Do NOTHING whenever you can.
Or as my Walt calls it, underwear days! It is a down time... whether its an hour or a day, its doing absolutely nothing And let me tell you, for a multi-tasker, it ISNT for the faint at heart, but once mastered, its rejuvenating! Have you ever tried to do nothing? Its not easy! Often times I KNOW when my blood pressure is soaring out of control and really need underwear days:)

* Treat yourself like you do your best friends.
Do you ever compliment yourself? Give yourself the praise you dole out to others? It makes me feel good doing both! Buying yourself something pretty should be guilt free too! How about making your friend a special something? Make 2. I love making those that I love feel special. I need to do the same for me.

To sum this all up for ya.. cause I know I’ve probably bored you right into work today...Life is full of obstacles, distractions, and temptations, and yes, problems to solve. It will never stop coming. I believe it takes an open mind and a positive attitude. The cups STILL HALF FULL! I see it over there! And if this sounds a bit like I’m hugging myself today, ... Why George, I think you’re right!
Complaining miserably is quite stressful on your body and mind, not to mention emotionally draining. Its a choice about stress. I am choosing to give stress the boot right out the back door and continue on my journey happily. Won’t you join me? And Carla? Thanks for the ponder!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Missing Aviana Today-Got Milk?

What is it with this week anyway? More than a few people that I know are having a "blue" week! Is there a full moon? I tell ya... when I don't feel good, I'm a whiner, but even feeling better I woke up missing Avi! ( more whining) I decided that instead of my usual blog reading that I would go through Avi Albums and reminisce:) That was fun seeing her baby pictures and that silly smile of hers even at 2 months old. Last night even Walt was missing "our girls" as he calls them, and began online shopping trip for Avi and Sarah's Halloween. Damn you credit cards! He even mustered up a few cute finds for the boys! (amazing) I think I may be rubbing off on him eh?
Seven days until I see them. The kids, the grand kids, the friends. JEEZ I need a fix! Please wish me God's speed with quilts so I'll be ready! I will leave you with a few recent Nonni Melter's..........This is a good OMG ITS A FRUIT BASKET CAKE
Have a great day:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Diva Dog

Yes, she has grown up folks. After picking her up from the groomer yesterday, I noticed a new look in her eyes. A new prance in her walk. She is coming into her her own Poodle Diva self, me thinks. After dinner we took her out to the beach for our stroll and she didn't even want to run into the water to chase the seagulls! She did however still run to jump on passerby children. THIS being the issue we have with her... I'm certain that its a bit intimidating for a 2 foot child to see a red ball of fur running mach 1 with hair flying about to pounce on ya! She loves them so much. I think that socializing her with the grand kids did that.
I was wondering if she might be feeling under the weather like her human parents.. or if she was just a bit snotty with her new doo? When we went to bed, she actually walked up the stairs instead of hopping while nipping at my legs. She ran right into the guest room and positioned herself on top of all the fancy pillows.... Man, I need a camera attached to my hip! I convinced her to come into our room, but she wouldn't go to her own bed, she hopped up on ours, and promptly spread herself out on my king sized pillow! ( wtf?) I decided to indulge her, since we girls DO indeed feel better after our SPA treatments, but I told her that tomorrow, I was not tolerating her snottiness. Wrongo..... today she is still all that and a bag of chips. She ignored Rudy's attempts at annoying playtime, and is eating her kibble one at a time? I'm calling her Gingaire` now...LOL
A part of me wants to see her puppiness leave, but.. on the other hand, her youthful silliness is heartwarming and fun.
**What a noticeable difference in the post below on her 6 month birthday huh? Wow!
Even in this photo she is starring up at me like she cannot be bothered with my kissy face photo snapping. I think I will drag out some velvet tonight, and make her a little throw for her throne.
Have a great hump day, I'm late for work!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Warm Tortilla With Butter Kinda Day

Day two of the ickkies... only today its hit physical porportions. Somebody do something would ya? I dont like being this way! Its not my nature! I'm gonna go call Ma and let her know that I dont like making my own tortillas.. I want hers:( maybe a lil red chili too...ok, and an egg.

Flour Tortillas:

4 cups flour
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 1/2 cup lukewarm water
1/4 cup vegetable oil (or Manteca)

Mix all of the ingredients together with your hands into large ball. Wrap with plastic wrap drop back into the bowl, and let stand for 20 minutes. Form into balls that are slightly smaller than golf balls. Flatten each ball with a rolling pin into 6 to 8-inch circles that are 1/8-inch thick. Place on a dry, hot griddle ( Plata) and cook until brown on both sides, about 1 minute per side. This is all harder than it looks, call your Mother, beg.

Nine Eleven Day

Did anyone run down the stairs and turn on the news this morning, or was it just me? I'm almost certain that this is the content of many blogs today eh? Many people said Never Forget... I never will.
Years pass, and still the Amy Grant Tribute to 911 makes me weepy. Young sons going off to fight, (including one of my own) not only give us great pride, but scare us right to our very core. People arguing left and right over what exactly IS wrong and right, and I wonder what happened to all the unity in this Country following the events of that dreadful day.

I went out to sunset last night, like we often do. Once again I was humbled by the size of not only my very existence, but by the size of my seemingly Petty problems. When I stop and look around, they are so small, I am ashamed of myself. So many suffer more than I. Its just plain silly to think about those who suffer less. For me and mine are truly blessed.

Have a great day everyone. Make someone smile inside:)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Marvelous Monday Musings

I say... MAKE IT a marvelous Monday anyway!
Even when you face a full whiteboard and then some.
When the loaded quilt wont quilt itself, (dang, shoulda bought the statler)
Even when you are staring down dirty dishes from the laziness of the night before.
When your dog has strewn things all over every floor in the house.
When you just noticed that you forgot a September birthday cause you are still whining about the last birthday!
When your list was longer than the tablet so you threw the tablet at the dog when you discovered yet another shoe destroyed. (oh thats gonna cost me)
When you just dont think Mondays are quite so marvelous...
Just make it happen! How you say? I have rules...... (Vee Have Vays)

*Retail Therapy
*Phone a friend, sis, Ma, daughter, or anyone else who lubs ya just cause you're you. (they gotta lub ya, and they might be inclined to do a little retail therapy with you.
*Clean the kitchen. It doesnt matter whats a mess, when the kitchens clean, the house feels better, and you need room for stuff from retail Therapy.
* A warm tortilla with butter. ( damn it, I'm out of butter, see retail therapy)
*Blog about Marvelous Mondays (pppffftt, I'm tryin here people?)

I'm outa here... guess what I'm going to do?

*********Hi Honey's I'm Home!************

I gots me somepin too:) Wanna see? Ok, well, I had to order them, cause they are already sold out in my size.. but in a few weeks! WOOHOO! The New La Jolla UGGS are out! Now dont start telling me that I didnt need these, it gets darned windy cold down here on the beach in winter:) Besides, I go to the fog/cold valley zone monthly too right? Of course right.

oh yes, I stopped to get butter too...rofl! ( and a lotto ticket) I can work now, I'm sane again, TY.

9x9 = 81 Happy Birthday James!

Even when I try to put aside the fact that I cant share the day, bake a cake, or kiss a cheek with my son James on his birthday, I cant stop chanting his little childhood reminder game.

James is 26, and we all KNOW this because of his birth date. (9/9/81)

I spoke to him today and tried to hear his true state of mind. He was at a local dog park with his 6 month old rottie, Stella. He has always loved the companionship of dogs, and seems to have a good hand at training them. Still trying to find himself in this world, I think that his dog brings him comfort in an otherwise tumultuous world.

I was slightly younger than he is now when he was born. It was a definitive time in life in that we left our hometown Sacramento, to relocate to Stockton. (DAP)
Pregnancy, labor and delivery was very normal and indeed a happy time. Jamie was the prettiest little boy you ever saw. Big bright blue eyes, long and lanky, blond hair in ringlets. He looked (still does) just like his Father. James was quite healthy until his first birthday when we were told that he had asthma, not just chronic colds and flu like symptoms. I remember many a night sleeping on his nursery floor, at his door, and yes, sometimes right in his crib with him. ( I know u got a visual, and yes, its real) I wasn't happy unless I could feel his breath right on me. We had breathing machines, 7 different kinds of medications, and I for one was afraid all the damn time. Looking back, there were so many things I COULD have done differently, but I can say with all honesty , that I did the best I knew how at the time. The doctors all said that he would outgrow it, and they were right, but man what a ride!

A compliant child by nature, soft spoken yet incredibly curious,( I dunno where he got that from) James grew into a handsome and smart young man. His teachers always amazed by his ability to learn so fast, and always want more. So on his birthday I cant help but go over so many things from his childhood days. Recalling mostly good, some not so good. I wish he was here, just for a slice of cake or a stolen kiss ( a favorite game of his back But talking to him was nice too. I hope that he enjoyed his day, and knows just how special that day was. How much I love him. I wait longer for all of what I see in him, to actually bloom. I cant believe that I am this old, of course you already know how I paddle down that river of denial anyway right?
Happy Birthday Munz:)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

3:10 To Yuma: The Best Part?

I have seen many a western in 50 years and I gotta tell ya, THIS was not the best of them, BUT... WHO CARES? Russell Crowe is HOTTER THAN A PISTAL!
First, My Dad didnt allow anything on the tele BUT westerns... the likes of Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Ponderosa,The Rifleman... (WHY did they make so many back then) His hero went from Paladine to Clint Eastwood in my formative years. To come home and find Archie Bunker on the tele was a jump and run from my sister and me! Then.... flash forward to husbands who cant lay off the westerns.. Clint being the ultimate hero. How many times in ones lifetime must I watch 2 Mules for Sister Sarah? And enjoy it? GRUNT.
Not since Kurt Russell in Tombstone was a hotter acter. Until then, Clint indeed held the title. Even in a spaghetti western he was one tall drink of eye candy water:) a favorite of my own childrens...Lonesome Dove introduced me to Tommy Lee Jones and I still follow him closely, and of course, since Godfather days, Robert Duvall is an awesome actor!
Now, 2007.....3:10 to Yuma, ( remake of Dads original), was a bit of a disappointment in that it was so slow to begin with. What it was lacking in action, it made up for in filmology and sound, and yep yep yep... Good Looks! It didnt hook me, but you are a captured audience in theatre eh? So about an hour into it, I decided to stop wiggling in my seat and step away from the popcorn. The heat was on, and Russells career took a turn for goodness instead of the wicked man he really was. I for one, am on baited breath awaiting Novembers ( I predict Hit) release of American Gangster, with Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington!
If you get the chance to see 3:10, go see , you decide. I for one want more westerns... I cannot belive I just said that....tsk tsk .. nature vs nurture...tsk tsk tsk!
Its wine 30 at my house, and no work for me today. Ahhhhh

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Class: Ronda Beyer, Cranberry Quiltworks, Yorba Linda,CA

Getting Ready!!! Getting Excited!! I am in hopes of learning some new tricks I tell ya! I am such a visual person, its the perfect environment for me to learn hands on.I just re-read the class description for about the hundredth time and I think I will be bringing a longtime loved UFO for our teachers consideration and my new technique application.
I met Ronda at MQS this year, and practically begged her to begin a teaching career... she actually listened to me! (Jeez how I'd love to believe it was all my fault huh? lol) I have been following her quilt journey for quite some time now. I'm fortunate to be able to pick her brain! And as long as there are teachers like this, I will continue to learn, and thrive!
Do you remember reading about my accident and recovery days? The last quilt (in chair) done, long before I had a grand daughter to make it for? Still hanging? Yep yep yep... I'm bringing it to her! Us! Me? Grunt. Ronda, no pressure its ONLY AVIANA'S!
Here's a picture of the top, and back... now remember... no piecing experience (or anything else back then) so be gentle, go get some rose colored glasses on or something. I fell in love with the tulle (sp ck). No one ever told me to cut off selvages, or use quarter inch seams, or press to the dark for that matter... I was just sitting there dreaming of a grand daughter to give it to:) I'm still not sure that I want to part with it to be honest? Its kind of a part of history now, a daily reminder of where I've been, how I got here, and how far I've come. ::sigh:: I have often been tempted to redo the entire thing, and do it the right way, but then, I'd be disturbing history instead of preserving it. No Can Do.
I know you're thinking move on eh? Well... I have.. I think it keeps me humble? Not sure, I'll ponder that and save for another blogabout:) Look for future blog title, The Primitive Crinoline Lady...LOLOL

Class is October 3, 4th, and 5th. Wanna come with me? I'll drive! Hey! We can sneak in a Disneyland day! Do they sell wine there? Hmmm... thinkin.....

Friday, September 7, 2007

A TGIF Day! ( or a quickie, choose your own adventure day! ))

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Personality Test Results

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Ginger! 6 MOS

Isn't this the cutest lil bear you ever saw? In desperate need of the salon eh?(next week) She is a little pistol thats for sure. Yes, that is an assortment of my shoes she has dragged into the shop this morning. We love her to pieces, and she works on our last nerves too. She STILL is in need of obedience training, however she is a smart cookie and has learned plenty already. I think the only problems we have now is her jack Russell impressions.. she can jump so high NOTHING is safe around her! She has taken a fancy to the snatch and run game. Doesn't matter from where either.. desktop, table, bar, end table... patio table.. SNATCH IT, she's not looking! The worst one of course being the hamper in my room... we wont discuss what she comes parading down the stairs with ok?

She loves her toys. Her favorite below, the barking puppy. She likes her puppy so much that we had to go to Walmart and buy her another one! ( she wore out the batteries on the first) I should have bought them all huh? Blima do you remember the white one? Oh how she loves this darn thing!
She and Rudy have bonded adequately. I think Rudy has found a form of entertainment, and Ginger the possessive bossy type, has to be in charge of things. Rudy calls to her by name, she comes in and the 2 of them begin a hoppy, barky, screechy game, always ending with laughter from Rudy and us! You see, Ginger doesn't like Rudy to cause a ruckus in the house... so when he starts his parrot Olympics on his treetop,screeching and cursing.... she gets upset and runs to tell him off. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO USE U TUBE TO SHOW U THIS!!! I swear I could win the funniest home animal show with these 2. She still prefers her own bed at night beside our bed, after, of course she has a rousing game of THE CLAW with her human Daddy. Her color is just gorgeous and she is a hit on the beaches. Speaking of beaches... She darn near has accidents when approaching the beach because of her excitement! She loves it there! Doesn't matter if shes digging, running, chasing kids or flapping in the water, she is happiest there. Its so cute to watch her tire herself out , then curl up to the fire when she cant play anymore. We buried her once though...she hated it.. I didn't have the camera...darn it. (I'll do it again k?)
So Happy Birthday Dear Ginger, you can stay:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ever seen this one? What would it be like to be driving along with your mind in a thousand directions, none of them on the right road, and look up to see this? Well, I for one would have to pull over and ponder. Like the time I saw the big sign, If you're going to worry, WHY PRAY? I nearly wrecked the car through that epiphany! Nothing like a gentle reminder that we are so not in control however hard we try to be. On a daily basis many of us demand the trail chief position in life, refusing to give it up to greater than we powers that be. The first time I heard Carrie Underwood (not a CW fan) sing Jesus Take The Wheel, I bawled like a baby. Funny how songs, billboards, even something someone says strikes a nerve now and again.
My friends and I would discuss these very things at Stitch ~N~ Bitch night. I have no idea how the subject matter was ever chosen, but it was always stimulating and productive. Much like the quilts and clothes created! Now, I either blog about them, or whine to Walt about having a GOD TALK. He rolls his eyes at me and says "okay....whats on your mind?" What a good guy eh? Truth is, there is never really anything in particular on my mind. Other than the fact I wish to talk about STUFF. I bet he wishes that my sounding boards were here huh? Well, they are, they are just in the box now. GRUNT.

I love it when they are here, albeit one at a time now.. but I want to grab them, a coffee, and go have a chat about important things in life. Not necessarily preachy... but important things like dinner, new trends,( like Metro sexual men) raising kids, raising cane! Maybe sex, aging or menopause! ( oh jeez that hurts reading that in the same sentence)
When my sis and I chat on the phone we can go on indefinitely about political people...or just people, kids or parents... doesn't matter, we solve alot of the worlds problems together she and I. It's a good thing. Here on the central coast there are many gentle reminders. I didn't know until we moved here that they do indeed call this the bible belt of California! ( who knew?) Upon hearing this it all clicked... yep... Where else in CA can u sit on a bus stop with a message about Heaven on your back? Advertisements for church in grocery stores? Cute sayings on the bags! Generally, after being asked where you're from, the next question is have you found a church you like yet? ( note to self, better find one) I have to laugh sometimes because Walt thought it was so liberal being beachy and all....LOL
I am a lucky woman to have these people in my life, these chats, sounding boards, and Gods billboards once in awhile to smack some sense into me when need be. I am NOT, nor wish to be, THE Ultimate Trail Chief of my life. ( but rest assured, pointing is really fun too) ( needed to add some ownership in there

Happy Hump Day to ya! I'm headed for a bunny quilt!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Ya Cryin????

In my early morning reads, I found this article and needed to have a rant of my own.....

Why Ya cryin?
Airports have now begun asking those wearing turbans to take off their head-wear for security reasons... SO WHAT?
I swear, sometimes the news gets me so steamed up! And I keep reading it every morning!!! ( note to self: read more quilt books instead)

Get this:

(CBS) New York: The new federal policy of checking hats when going through airport security is causing a serious controversy, with many now asking: Is it a necessary security measure or an act of religious/racial profiling? If you make it through airport security, Federal screeners can now search or pat down a passenger's hat in search of illegal items or weapons. Sounds like a good idea to me... Why are they cryin???Some see this new checkpoint as illegal....One group, The Sikhs –says.... the new hat policy is focused on those who wear turbans is racial profiling. SO WHAT?
GET OVER IT! Others could have guns or knives or bombs under their turbans. I say we should have been uncovering all add on wear - baseball caps, helmets, turbans, scarves, etc., a long time ago. It is VERY possible that someone would have a weapon under one of those -just like I could have a boxcutter in my Crocs! We, or the powers at be should not care about whether or not anyone is upset with the new rules. I don't like that I have to carry my lipstick and hand lotion in a plastic bag, but you don't see airport security bending the rules for me. We all have to take off our sweaters and shoes. Why should those with turbans be exempt? GRUNT.
Singh, a Sikh who wears his turban as part of his religion, was stopped recently when he flew out of his home airport in Washington D.C. He objected to having his turban patted down after he had passed the metal detector, "What I had to go through was not only humiliating, but a demeaning situation to get onto this flight," Singh says. ( say it in your best accent please) Singh finally agreed to the pat down, but asked it to be done behind closed doors.
A WORD to the Sikhs- You are not the victims here! Excuse me, but everytime my underwire bra sets off the metal detector (which is everytime) or I refuse to take my Crocs off, they pull me aside between two divider doors and pat me down all over. And if a large wand between your legs and around your breasts isn't humiliating, I don't know what is. So freaking deal with it!
I say to you with add-ons to your head or other areas of your body.... I want to be sure the airports have checked you for weapons of terrorism. And if you don't have to take your turban off, I will not remove my crocs or let anyone wand my bra! Wait, that wont happen, because I WILL comply. I really dont want bombs or battles in MY country.

Phew, thanks... I can now go I think I'll turn on some music, make another pot, and get to work. I have a flight scheduled for next month... I shall ponder ways to mess with the federal agents through security.... NOT

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pismo Clam- Happy Labor Day!

Or is that Marvelous Monday?
First, Let me congratulate Maryland, Virgina, Texas, and New Jersey on their winning Mega millions... As you can see, I didn't say PISMO!!

Next, To the man in Alameda who took home the 93 million alone.. One HAPPY Californian I bet! Again, NOT pismo-ian. GRUNT.

I'm licking my wounds, humming

The sun will come out, tomorrow, so ya gotta hang on til tomorrow.............come what mayyyyyy. Tomorrow , Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, You're only a day away!!
K, I'm all done with that.. BUT I did by a California combo for THIS week too.... Moving on...........
Happy Labor Day!!

We had good friends here for the week end, and record breaking heat too! We had fun at the beaches, and I didn't quilt OR Web surf all week end! ( Weird you say? I know!!!) I think I'm even sporting a tan line or two! I didn't NEED a tan!!! I didnt take any pictures, rather unusual for me, but I KNOW that Heather will have many for me to swoon over:) We are in hopes that they will ponder moving over here as we KNOW ALSO, that they love it here! (prayer parrot) Now to work on more family members... Karennnnnn!! Blima!!! hmmmmm

Tuesday brings back the work, and September is a packed full month, but I am re charged and ready to roll! I'll be checking in, in between quilts! Until then, have a great work week!

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