Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stop & Smell The Roses

Pain throws your heart to the ground, love turns the whole thing around. No it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good.
And then came pretty flowers to remind me. Lots of pretty flowers! Thank you Babe, for the flowers, for the ear, and the brainstorming.
Isn't it wonderful to receive flowers mid day as a complete surprise? with NO CARD? WOW, can you just imagine the pondering that spurred?? I didnt know! Well, I had a pretty good idea, but if you have a good imagination ( who?) you can conjure up alot of what ifs right? LMAO!!!!
Scuse the cutting table mess in here.. its definitely the wild zone these days.
Happy hump day to all of you, I hope your week is productive and everyone is ramping up for the fall festivities! I myself have been enjoying pumpkins coming out everywhere. I think I will venture over to Trader Jo's and pick up a few for the front porch. I feel a butternut squash soup coming on too. I gave you that recipe didnt I? I think so. The coffee is especially good today. If you haven't tried SLO coffee, (this is Colombian) give it a shot. Central coast brew I finally bought recently. Next week I will splurge on their Kona. I smelled it and immediately took me to Hawaii for a split second! K, I'm off to work, but I gotta tell you I could sure use a girl Friday over here...any takers?
Love yer guts! G


Desert Threads said... need to give that man a great big hug!!

Dianah said...

I could be your Girl Friday, unfornataly it would be next Tuesday before I could get their. We are off work today, sorta. We are sew up some Luscious Lounge Wear for the Poop and my block of the month. Enjoy gettting ready for your trip.

Did you get the e-mail on Poop's Quilt?


barb said...

lol love to be your girl Friday...was an ok sous chef eh?

DearGina said...

Anytime you girls wanna pop in, come on, I'll hand you a rotary cutter and a cuppa!
Barb, and EXCELLANT sous chef u are!

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