Sunday, September 30, 2007

ZipLoc Shareholder

Yes, I wish to be directed to the nearest investment firm to lay down some big bucks for this product's continued success, that I not only cant live without but I think I made someone rich buying so many! I need a list. How many ways can you use ZipLoc bags? Oh...they aren't for sandwiches we know... No... no... and gone are the days that I use them for little army men so my feet don't get torn up. I remember using them for barbie clothes that I actually made! Yesteryear ziplocs were a Mothers right arm! Now... I guess I grew up dang it. I put away the toys, but never will I stop finding uses for those handy bags. Today I did the Costco run (affectionately known as the 500 dollar store) and made alot of meals for Walt while I'm away at class in So Cal. I used teeny versions for Rudy to make the week a tad bit easier on Walt too. I also knocked out 2 small quilts ( E2E) and tagged & Bagged em.. It occurred to me that all over the house, no matter where I went, I had used a ziploc! No kidding! I was doing laundry and Ginger ( the pill) ran off with the bounce box and ate part of it, so you know where the best place to keep the bounce airtight is eh? yep yep yep.... I gathered toiletries for my suitcase, I don't need spillages next to clothes.... I packaged meats for smaller use (Costco, WE EATEM BIG STORE) I made meals and refrigerated those. During wine 30, and cooking... ( goes together u know) I opened a new rice bag, had to bag it back up right? After dinner the baggies came out again for lovely leftovers. And while the little ones were out, I gathered Gingers hair accessories and put them all away. I used 3 different sized Bags for quilts. ( doncha love the new ones?) I cut a few more 2 1/2 strips and bagged those too! I am packing up the infamous Dresden pieces to bring with me for down time (HAHAHAHA) so I needed a baggie for pins, needles, nippers,etc... I tell ya! It never ends! Its a miracle baggie! When I leave here, I will go make Walt's lunch and use what? I KNOW!!! See???? So... I could be a walking advertisement for these people, but I would rather just have the money. So if their are any brokers out there that just happen to love coming in to read this blog, SIGN ME UP!!I snapped a few proof pics for ya too! I think I'm onto something here!


Anonymous said...

Gina, Aren't those giant ziplock the best. My new way to transport quilts back to there owners. It's good to see that I'm not the only one who uses ziplock for everything.

Karen L

To Be Continued... said...

hey,,gina,,i think walt should be careful around there,,don't want him to get bagged up with anything around things that come across that wonderful mind of yours,, i don't know how you ever sleep!!!!!!! just joking,,

Jan Thompson said...

Gina - until about 10 years ago, Ziploc bags were made by Dow Chemical Co., my husband's employer. We had a Dow store, where we could buy all sizes of Ziplocs for about 40-50 cents a box. When they sold Ziploc, we went to the store and stocked up, can you say "cases and cases"! I still have about 4 cases left. I am going to hate having to buy them again!

Dianah said...

It really amazes me how many ways I use them in a day. Coin depostit to the bank, rice crackers for snack, eyelets and brads for scrapbooking, pieces for block of the month, UFO projects, meat for the freezer, Poop's hair stuff and that's just today! Let me know I would like to invest too, maybe just get part on my money back. I love the new ones too!


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