Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ever seen this one? What would it be like to be driving along with your mind in a thousand directions, none of them on the right road, and look up to see this? Well, I for one would have to pull over and ponder. Like the time I saw the big sign, If you're going to worry, WHY PRAY? I nearly wrecked the car through that epiphany! Nothing like a gentle reminder that we are so not in control however hard we try to be. On a daily basis many of us demand the trail chief position in life, refusing to give it up to greater than we powers that be. The first time I heard Carrie Underwood (not a CW fan) sing Jesus Take The Wheel, I bawled like a baby. Funny how songs, billboards, even something someone says strikes a nerve now and again.
My friends and I would discuss these very things at Stitch ~N~ Bitch night. I have no idea how the subject matter was ever chosen, but it was always stimulating and productive. Much like the quilts and clothes created! Now, I either blog about them, or whine to Walt about having a GOD TALK. He rolls his eyes at me and says "okay....whats on your mind?" What a good guy eh? Truth is, there is never really anything in particular on my mind. Other than the fact I wish to talk about STUFF. I bet he wishes that my sounding boards were here huh? Well, they are, they are just in the box now. GRUNT.

I love it when they are here, albeit one at a time now.. but I want to grab them, a coffee, and go have a chat about important things in life. Not necessarily preachy... but important things like dinner, new trends,( like Metro sexual men) raising kids, raising cane! Maybe sex, aging or menopause! ( oh jeez that hurts reading that in the same sentence)
When my sis and I chat on the phone we can go on indefinitely about political people...or just people, kids or parents... doesn't matter, we solve alot of the worlds problems together she and I. It's a good thing. Here on the central coast there are many gentle reminders. I didn't know until we moved here that they do indeed call this the bible belt of California! ( who knew?) Upon hearing this it all clicked... yep... Where else in CA can u sit on a bus stop with a message about Heaven on your back? Advertisements for church in grocery stores? Cute sayings on the bags! Generally, after being asked where you're from, the next question is have you found a church you like yet? ( note to self, better find one) I have to laugh sometimes because Walt thought it was so liberal being beachy and all....LOL
I am a lucky woman to have these people in my life, these chats, sounding boards, and Gods billboards once in awhile to smack some sense into me when need be. I am NOT, nor wish to be, THE Ultimate Trail Chief of my life. ( but rest assured, pointing is really fun too) ( needed to add some ownership in there

Happy Hump Day to ya! I'm headed for a bunny quilt!

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