Friday, September 28, 2007

HGTV-Divine Design- I Need You?

Did you ever just walk into a room and not like anything you see? I mean your own room(s). Today I walked out here and one by one discounted each area of my shop. I think it began with my whiteboard. Its full, intimidating yet exciting! I went to bed last night after having done the books for the month, thinking that I had a "jump" on it. I was disappointed having not made my goal for the month. Grunt. The last thing I looked at was THE whiteboard. Turning off all the lights and lifting Rudy to my shoulder, I wondered off scratching things tired and a bit perplexed.I spy the dusty rose thread HANGING from a quilt hanger, and where the heck is my favorite purple that I need tomorrow? I wondered, as I do DAILY... how to work smarter, not harder. It truly escapes me these days. Being a waitress, you learn to never go anywhere empty handed, making few trips as possible to your end destination. As a Director, you make lists and delegate as much as you can in order for ALL to reach the destination. As a busy Mom you schedule everyone according to their abilities, until you have a well oiled machine of an environment..... As a sole proprietor.... sigh...escaping me right now too damn it. Do I hand Rudy and Ginger a list? Hire a Girl Friday? Sleep less? Spend less time on the computer? Cant, Cant, hmmm, cant, and wont. There must some way be able to put ALL THOSE ABOVE skills, into this one. I know its here somewhere! I welcome ideas, comments, lets brainstorm here. This is a problem, lets find some solutions, I'll send you the results K?

So I walk in this morning and see the board... shake my head and decide that I need a better intake system. With coffee and bird in hand I walk to his tree and think... oh jeez this isn't a good place for his tree. Set him down and wonder to the desk where I get pissy about my DSM being so close to the computer desk are that I have a hard time reaching either the printer or the Ruler wall. I sit down disgusted with my (lack of) organization, and decide that all these freaking cords just clutter up my brain making me mental! But if I start ripping into the room to re arrange things, I'm cutting into my work time, which today is coupled with errand time. ( a hellofa dance!) Get up. pour more coffee. Rudy is now whistling TEQUILA (Herb alpert and the Tijuana brass) and I tell him to please sing a bluezyer tune. He asks me if I want a margarita, and Im just sooo not there yet eh? (just hook me up to caffeine spiggot). After turning on the TV too hopefully shut him up I whip out the trusty Binding ruler and cut up some strips to put away. Now I gotta tell you, most people would think that I AM organized, but Im not, its an illusion. Only I know where chit is.
I think blogging will help. Brainstorming through writing, Yep, I do indeed like that. I made my list mid-blog, so I better get to it. Maybe someone from HGTV will see this and come rescue me? The shop is 24x24 lovely space not being used efficiently. I will cook for you, or even make you a quilt! Send that woman from Divine Design, I like her.. Whats her name? Candace? I think she is Canadian. I'm going to work. Have a good day, and find me answers K?


Desert Threads said...

Don't make me come down there woman!!

To Be Continued... said...

hey i wish i could come down, i'd be your girl friday, sat or whtever. lol i know how it is, yes we do know where stuff is, but myself,,am not organized, so i understand. what's a girl to do. one question???do you need all the stuff you have in your room? have a great day!

The Sarah Bear said...

Hmmm... I say we knock out a wall, expand the shop, and while we're at it, let's put in a little cafe? Can I put my business card on the counter by the register?

Love you :)

The Sarah Bear said...

Simply.... WOW! I just don't know how you do it! Gina had me making quilts for a year, and I only did the most simplest designs.. this stuff, well, it amazes me!

Carol said...

Love your blog! I think you should just focus on writing for a living. You are a wonderful writer! Celebrate all that you do so well!

Dianah said...

I feel ya G! My studio is much nicer that I painted and cleaned it out. I did get rid of a ton of stuff too. Now that the clutter is gone everything in it's place I do work more efficently. It is also relaxing to going in and work. I'm not saying I'm done but everyday atleast 10 items (scrapbooking stuff mostly) find a home, donate, in the room or garbage. It was along time coming.


Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

It's actually organized kaos. (however the word is spelled) Maybe it's the season (as for almost all machine quilters) to feel overwhelmed. Christmas rush etc.

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