Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Blima!

I know what you're thinking....


(stay tuned, a few more in my pocket)

Happy Birthday Dear Blima, I'm probably a driving tired fool today, on my way home from the valley deliveries. I am sure I will have much to tell you! I hope you have a wonderful day and that everyone makes you feel as special as you are:) I will be pondering our favorite memories while driving, hell, I might even pop in some Michael Buble and sing my heart out for ya! Blima and I have many fond roadtrip memories. Countless stories and hysterical laughter for days. Its so therapeutic for us!! It doesn't matter if we are shopping, eating, gossiping, debating world issues or even bitching each other out, we do have a grand time doing it! I miss you pal, and look forward to seeing you SOON????? :::sigh:::

I love you Dear Blima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few favorite photos for friends.......


The Sarah Bear said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLIMA!!! Hope you had an excellent day and ate some cake too!

barb said...

I was sooooo looking forward to the pic of the burried vehicle on the beach. Happy Birthday Bli!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! an entire blog for me :) I am feeling very special, thank you G, I miss you and love you lots.
Thanks Heather and Barb for the good wishes, every birthday is special, another year older and wiser.

Desert Threads said...

Happy Birthday Blima!!

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