Thursday, September 13, 2007

Missing Aviana Today-Got Milk?

What is it with this week anyway? More than a few people that I know are having a "blue" week! Is there a full moon? I tell ya... when I don't feel good, I'm a whiner, but even feeling better I woke up missing Avi! ( more whining) I decided that instead of my usual blog reading that I would go through Avi Albums and reminisce:) That was fun seeing her baby pictures and that silly smile of hers even at 2 months old. Last night even Walt was missing "our girls" as he calls them, and began online shopping trip for Avi and Sarah's Halloween. Damn you credit cards! He even mustered up a few cute finds for the boys! (amazing) I think I may be rubbing off on him eh?
Seven days until I see them. The kids, the grand kids, the friends. JEEZ I need a fix! Please wish me God's speed with quilts so I'll be ready! I will leave you with a few recent Nonni Melter's..........This is a good OMG ITS A FRUIT BASKET CAKE
Have a great day:)


Desert Threads said...

She is so cute!!! Did you give her that huge plate of cake nana???

DearGina said...

LOL no, from her Mama... Her eyes are nearly crossed with excitement there eh! LOLOL

Carla B said...

Cute picture... Hang in there, the time will fly on by!

Anonymous said...

Gina, she is a doll, lets take her on our roadtrip when she is alittle older, wouldnt that be fun. :)
Luv U.

DearGina said...

Yes, I cant wait to roadtrip with her! I hope to have another convertable when we do!

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