Friday, September 14, 2007


In my car on the rear view mirror, I carry a charm that reads "Life is a Journey". I am sure that many have heard this a thousand times over. It is my subjective opinion, that all of us choose how to take the ride. Each and everyday, we make choices, some large, and some small. They all affect the ride.
I recently read something on Carla’s blog that intrigued me, and gave me pause as well. It was her 5 tips on how to be creative. How to let the juices flow so to speak. I have pondered this all week. In the midst of a few personal trials of my own, I had to ask myself. Why arent you being creative this week? Why are you blue G? You havent dreamed up a good recipe, nor played with any new skills on the long arm.. why not? Do you need to do Carlas 5 step program? ( I often have self -talks, please induldge a few minutes more)
(Hang on, let me get some more coffee, this is gonna be chatty.. wanna cuppa?)
I decided that its comes down to more than just choices. Its stress! Stress in personal and professional lives cause stress, which cause aging, which cause tummy aches (and more) and causes me not to be in harmony with myself!
In trying to manage stress, I feel that sometimes I am my own worst enemy! What stands between the organized chaos and serenity? ME!!!
So how can I/we combine choices and stress free healthy living in order to be more creative? OK, I shall make some rules.

* We cannot be perfect, so stop trying to be.
I cant tell you how many times I am waiting for the perfect time, place, or person to make things right for me! I dont need to be perfect, just good enough for me.

*We cannot be everyones everything, either you enjoy what I have to offer in trade as a friend, partner, relative etc..., or you dont.
Whether you like it or not, some people aren’t going to like you/me... so what? I cant be a chameleon and be everything to everyone. So be it. In business and relationships, decide who you are and what you stand for, and live it.

* Don’t try to epitomize the title MULTI-TASKER.
My Dad actually used to call himself, Jack of all trades, master of none. (keyword: master of none) Thats bologna I say...But still I try to do it all? Ay Dios Mio! Don’t spread yourself too thin, you really cannot be the best at everything that you want.

* Learning to say no is one very hard lesson.
At the end of the day.... there are times when you simply have too much going on to stay productive. Sometimes there is too much on your plate, and it will not let you drive to your own dreams!
It can be hard saying no...stop now, hold up a minute.... and you may feel badly about it, but you’ll be happier, you’ll get more done and the people you live with will actually be better off for it as well. My hubby feels so bad saying NO to me, I know this, but sometimes he must because I can really dream large, live large, get so excited about things that I become the Pied Piper!

* Make time for yourself.
Now that my hobby has become my profession. I find that ME time escapes me. What do I like to do NOW to relax? Have a glass of wine... go to the beach and listen to the sounds, smell the ocean air, and watch every birds actions. I recently found that I MUST schedule this in, or it just wont happen. It does clear my mind and renews some energy. Scheduling this in, seemed to give me more motivation to get things done sooner in the shop. I have often found myself throwing hands in the air and going shopping... (oh, u already knew that)

*Do NOTHING whenever you can.
Or as my Walt calls it, underwear days! It is a down time... whether its an hour or a day, its doing absolutely nothing And let me tell you, for a multi-tasker, it ISNT for the faint at heart, but once mastered, its rejuvenating! Have you ever tried to do nothing? Its not easy! Often times I KNOW when my blood pressure is soaring out of control and really need underwear days:)

* Treat yourself like you do your best friends.
Do you ever compliment yourself? Give yourself the praise you dole out to others? It makes me feel good doing both! Buying yourself something pretty should be guilt free too! How about making your friend a special something? Make 2. I love making those that I love feel special. I need to do the same for me.

To sum this all up for ya.. cause I know I’ve probably bored you right into work today...Life is full of obstacles, distractions, and temptations, and yes, problems to solve. It will never stop coming. I believe it takes an open mind and a positive attitude. The cups STILL HALF FULL! I see it over there! And if this sounds a bit like I’m hugging myself today, ... Why George, I think you’re right!
Complaining miserably is quite stressful on your body and mind, not to mention emotionally draining. Its a choice about stress. I am choosing to give stress the boot right out the back door and continue on my journey happily. Won’t you join me? And Carla? Thanks for the ponder!


Desert Threads said...

Very well put!

Ronda Beyer said...

Well said and I agree 100%.

Vicki W said...

Well said! Now to live it every day....

Anonymous said...

I think your pretty perfect, and I would love to spoil you daily, wish I could fly across the country for the weekend.
Well said my friend, I agree with every word.


Anonymous said...

Something we all should think about. I said no to going out with some friends today. I felt a little guilty...but I needed some down time.

Underwear days...LOVE IT! I love days I don't have to leave the house.


Deb said...

WOW, Gina...I think you hit the nail on the head!

The Sarah Bear said...

Thank you for the reminder life lessons! I think I need regular refresher courses in how to be healthy - totally.

I can't wait to see you! What time you going to be in town?

Anonymous said...

Gina, I think that you are my Sensi.LOL

Anonymous said...

Gina, this is something that I needed to read---thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll be spending some time thinking about each of these points. :)

Carla said...

Terrific Ponder, Gina! See? Just writing your post was doing something creative.

I hear you about the stress, too. I was hit with stressful news while I was flying back from my BVI adventure in Puerto Rico- it is still NOT resolved. This current stress ranks up there as being the most difficult in my whole entire life. Creating is my therapy. Hugs to you!

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