Monday, September 3, 2007

Pismo Clam- Happy Labor Day!

Or is that Marvelous Monday?
First, Let me congratulate Maryland, Virgina, Texas, and New Jersey on their winning Mega millions... As you can see, I didn't say PISMO!!

Next, To the man in Alameda who took home the 93 million alone.. One HAPPY Californian I bet! Again, NOT pismo-ian. GRUNT.

I'm licking my wounds, humming

The sun will come out, tomorrow, so ya gotta hang on til tomorrow.............come what mayyyyyy. Tomorrow , Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, You're only a day away!!
K, I'm all done with that.. BUT I did by a California combo for THIS week too.... Moving on...........
Happy Labor Day!!

We had good friends here for the week end, and record breaking heat too! We had fun at the beaches, and I didn't quilt OR Web surf all week end! ( Weird you say? I know!!!) I think I'm even sporting a tan line or two! I didn't NEED a tan!!! I didnt take any pictures, rather unusual for me, but I KNOW that Heather will have many for me to swoon over:) We are in hopes that they will ponder moving over here as we KNOW ALSO, that they love it here! (prayer parrot) Now to work on more family members... Karennnnnn!! Blima!!! hmmmmm

Tuesday brings back the work, and September is a packed full month, but I am re charged and ready to roll! I'll be checking in, in between quilts! Until then, have a great work week!

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