Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Morning & Hasta Domingo!

Well, I did it. Yep yep yep... 2 am, I finished the last of nine quilts to be returned to the valley this morning.I cannot even believe it myself! I think the problem was having to many customs thrown in the mix this month huh?I dunno. I want to thank Sharon for the lil extra push and ideas or the last one may not have made it! I just starred at it around 7 pm, shook my head, poured coffee and whined to Sharon on the computer. She quickly said in quiltspeak...ok...easy peasy G... Sid, CC, squiggly over there, steam over here and water up the borders... Bingo, lightbulb! Alrighty then.... its a plan Stan! ( I mean Sharon).Two heads really ARE better than one! (even if one is a cabbage head)(me Sharon, calm down). I made Walt's lunch and wondered to bed, pondering if everything had been done that needed to be before leaving for the week end. Jeez, I haven't heard yet but I hope that I put meat in the sandwich this time.

I just woke up(7ish) and feeling sort of like a lil dish rag, but I must tell you that I had such a nice surprise over in my first cuppa in the morning read quilting board. A fellow colleague and blog reader posting about how she likes my daily musings here at DG. (did she know I was going to ditch the blog this morning?) I am truly flattered and a bit embarrassed... but smiling like a Cheshire Cat too:) Thanks Penny, and all who come to visit. You may know (if u read) how I am away from family and friends now (2 years) I miss them terribly on occasion, and say just that. I suppose my blog is a creative outlet for me in substitution. I love to talk, and they aren't here, so now I have many readers to talk to eh? For that, I thank you. I have always loved to write, however my writing is my speech. What that means is... get a cuppa, sit down, listen up, and hold on, cause you are taking the "whatever it is today" ride right along with me:). I'm certain that it isn't grammatically precise, nor politically correct, its just me keeping it real, for me. Hey! I got it! My new Hobby! Well, there ya go........... Hey Look! We are getting closer to 10K hits down there! I will ponder a fun contest for the big day!

I'm off to make deliveries and more importantly see all my babies, grandbabies, friends, sis, parents, niece and nephew... PHEW... its gonna be a heck of a week end! I'll be home Sunday night, everyone behave without me. Ok, be safe and sane at least. Here's my daily desktop, and oh man I cant wait to smooch this face up!


Desert Threads said...

I don't know what I'd do without my daily Gina fix girlfriend.

Judy Whitehead said...

Gina that little one gets more precious every day! I LOVE that picture!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

The Sarah Bear said...


kayp said...

what a little honey!!! so very adorable.

Anonymous said...

G, ya did it again, I knew you would, hard work I know but....Your in Pismo! have a great weekend,and enjoy the time with your family.
Love u, B.

Def59 said...

Enjoy your weekend Gina!

Anonymous said...

Gina, I enjoy reading your blog even though I don't leave comments very often (my bad). Don't you dare quit blogging!!! LOL

Love the photo of the little one, she is a cutie (oh how I hope I get a granddaughter some day, boys are wonderful, but a little girl would be icing on the cake of grandmotherhood).

Have a wonderful time with family & friends!


Barb said...

Hey!!! don't give the blog up. I know I can't always get on here as much as I would like to due to busy lives...but this is how I keep up with all the news!!! LUV YER GUTS WOMAN!!!!!

Nancy H said...

I think you should bring Avi to MQS so we can all see her in person! I love to come read your blog..Wouldnt miss it!

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