Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Ginger! 6 MOS

Isn't this the cutest lil bear you ever saw? In desperate need of the salon eh?(next week) She is a little pistol thats for sure. Yes, that is an assortment of my shoes she has dragged into the shop this morning. We love her to pieces, and she works on our last nerves too. She STILL is in need of obedience training, however she is a smart cookie and has learned plenty already. I think the only problems we have now is her jack Russell impressions.. she can jump so high NOTHING is safe around her! She has taken a fancy to the snatch and run game. Doesn't matter from where either.. desktop, table, bar, end table... patio table.. SNATCH IT, she's not looking! The worst one of course being the hamper in my room... we wont discuss what she comes parading down the stairs with ok?

She loves her toys. Her favorite below, the barking puppy. She likes her puppy so much that we had to go to Walmart and buy her another one! ( she wore out the batteries on the first) I should have bought them all huh? Blima do you remember the white one? Oh how she loves this darn thing!
She and Rudy have bonded adequately. I think Rudy has found a form of entertainment, and Ginger the possessive bossy type, has to be in charge of things. Rudy calls to her by name, she comes in and the 2 of them begin a hoppy, barky, screechy game, always ending with laughter from Rudy and us! You see, Ginger doesn't like Rudy to cause a ruckus in the house... so when he starts his parrot Olympics on his treetop,screeching and cursing.... she gets upset and runs to tell him off. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO USE U TUBE TO SHOW U THIS!!! I swear I could win the funniest home animal show with these 2. She still prefers her own bed at night beside our bed, after, of course she has a rousing game of THE CLAW with her human Daddy. Her color is just gorgeous and she is a hit on the beaches. Speaking of beaches... She darn near has accidents when approaching the beach because of her excitement! She loves it there! Doesn't matter if shes digging, running, chasing kids or flapping in the water, she is happiest there. Its so cute to watch her tire herself out , then curl up to the fire when she cant play anymore. We buried her once though...she hated it.. I didn't have the camera...darn it. (I'll do it again k?)
So Happy Birthday Dear Ginger, you can stay:)


The Sarah Bear said...

We have the picture of her buried! I will share when I get home!!! Sarah still asks about her! Ginger? Ginger?

That, and this morning we put her in the car to go to daycare and she said, "No mommie, I want to go to the beach"


DearGina said...

Do ya??? Oh cool! send:)

ya, and send Sarah too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Ginger.
Ill keep her. :)

Def59 said...

Hey G, she is a beauty!

Carla said...

Give Ginger a Happy Birthday kiss from auntie Carla!

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