Sunday, September 9, 2007

3:10 To Yuma: The Best Part?

I have seen many a western in 50 years and I gotta tell ya, THIS was not the best of them, BUT... WHO CARES? Russell Crowe is HOTTER THAN A PISTAL!
First, My Dad didnt allow anything on the tele BUT westerns... the likes of Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Ponderosa,The Rifleman... (WHY did they make so many back then) His hero went from Paladine to Clint Eastwood in my formative years. To come home and find Archie Bunker on the tele was a jump and run from my sister and me! Then.... flash forward to husbands who cant lay off the westerns.. Clint being the ultimate hero. How many times in ones lifetime must I watch 2 Mules for Sister Sarah? And enjoy it? GRUNT.
Not since Kurt Russell in Tombstone was a hotter acter. Until then, Clint indeed held the title. Even in a spaghetti western he was one tall drink of eye candy water:) a favorite of my own childrens...Lonesome Dove introduced me to Tommy Lee Jones and I still follow him closely, and of course, since Godfather days, Robert Duvall is an awesome actor!
Now, 2007.....3:10 to Yuma, ( remake of Dads original), was a bit of a disappointment in that it was so slow to begin with. What it was lacking in action, it made up for in filmology and sound, and yep yep yep... Good Looks! It didnt hook me, but you are a captured audience in theatre eh? So about an hour into it, I decided to stop wiggling in my seat and step away from the popcorn. The heat was on, and Russells career took a turn for goodness instead of the wicked man he really was. I for one, am on baited breath awaiting Novembers ( I predict Hit) release of American Gangster, with Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington!
If you get the chance to see 3:10, go see , you decide. I for one want more westerns... I cannot belive I just said that....tsk tsk .. nature vs nurture...tsk tsk tsk!
Its wine 30 at my house, and no work for me today. Ahhhhh


Anonymous said...

Hey Gina..... I didnt have a Dad to watch westerns with, but my brothers trained me well. And husbands.

So... about ol' Gus.... in Lonesome Dove..... how many times have you watched the whole thing? I guess I should be embarrassed or something, but can you top 15?? OMG, I need a life. Truly I do.


DearGina said...

Oh yes Baby I can top dat one:0 Not sure by how many, but we all have our copies on VHS and DVD!
Sorry, Gayle Darlin`

Sharon said...

Lonesome Dove!!!! I love Tommy Lee and Robert Duvall. I don't think Robert can talk without his hands!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina, I hear ya on the western thing, we have to add "war" movies into our mix. I made the mistake of buying my DH the complete DVD set of "Combat" for fathers day this year. I think it something like 5 years at 35 episodes per year. Let me tell you, BIG mistake, now when he can't find any westerns on, he digs into the combat. At least when the gents are home watching westerns, we know where they are and we know what they are doing.

Karen L

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