Monday, September 24, 2007

It's THAT Day Again................

Happy Marvelous Monday oh great blog readers:) I'm home and once again I did 730 miles, and accomplished MANY things! What things you say? Well..............

I delivered some drop dead gorgeous quilts to happy customers and picked up several more to brighten the shop with. ( wait, let me turn on those cool bullets K?

  • I dined with a few of my children Thursday evening, kissing the grand babies. You wouldn't believe how my grandson has grown! I think he will pass his Dad one day! Aviana gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever recieved in life. She said to me......
    Nonni? Wheres Ginger? (at the beach with pappa) Nonni, wheres da bird? (at the beach with pappa, Nonni.? Yes Avi? I will always lub you. :::insert inheritance security here:::

  • I made it through my Dads surgery with Mom and sis. He is one tough old man eh?

  • I enjoyed a manicure with Mom ( hey new blog title) Her health is failing so fast I am very afraid. I think Diabetes is on my top 10 hate list.

  • I played with my niece and nephew via iphone and heard all the news of homecoming dates. Jackie's dress is just amazing:)

  • I spent some good time "chewing the fat" with my Sis, and we wished that our newly found brother was with us to chew even more. I made a huge pot of Blimas chicken soup for Ma...We shopped a little, and yes, there were new shoes involved in this:) ( sneakers....with the letter G all over them, lets pretend it doesn't mean GUESS ok?)

  • Sunday...well Sunday was a rough day.... Dad was released into a (rehab so soon huh?) Mom had a meltdown in the center...We all congregated for lunch at my daughters home where in hindsight I think we auditioned for the Jerry Springer Show! I did get to spend some time with my friend (who witnessed the JSS) and she gave me good therapy afterward. Thank You Heather, I made it home in a few less broken pieces, & Walt put the rest together with me.

  • I managed to get a few extra things done in all of this, like stopping at Smart & Final for a new BUNN carafe for my coffeemaker. ( I LOVE MY BUNN!) Getting things squared away with our rental home tennants, and even ran the car through the car wash again. Can you say Bugs? Found yummy Laurel Burch fabrics for my upcoming memory quilt for the Epilepsy Foundation...let see.....Im sure I did more that I cant recall, I was on speed
I will leave you with a few pics, and then I am off to unload the car and wonder around. Yes, its an Underwear day...and I need it:)


The Sarah Bear said...

I AM GLAD YOU GOT HOME SAFE! I hate that drive, especially when tired! But man do I love the destination!

I had a great time with you! Coffee is so much sweeter when shared with a friend.

And honey, you are no more Jerry Springer than the entire country! Families fight, and families love - it's what we do.

Love you more than you know...

Anonymous said...

welcome home G, spetember is almost over. :)
Lets have another Month of Celebration for your Birthday.
50 and fabulous was a great year.
Love u, B.

Desert Threads said...

Welcome home!! I am so sorry to hear about your downer!

Dianah said...

Hey G!

I am glad I got to see you on your trip. What's your dad's next surgery? I am glad he came through this one so well.

If your family was going for the Jerry Springer show, mine got a spot on the highlight DVD can't be sceen on TV, hurry now and reserve your DVD for $39.95 with special Midget wrestling in the audience.

I'll tell you about it some time.


Def59 said...

Gian, glad you made it home safely! I will keep your parents in my prayers. This is a really hard part of life, watching our parents get frail.
I did have to laugh when you mentioned underwear day though! ( I still recall the conversation when you told us about those days!)Jacob was having his GF over for the 1st time on Sunday and he gave his father explicit instructions on how to behave and keeping his shirt on and not walking around in his underwear were on the top of the list! lol
love ya! Di

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