Monday, September 10, 2007

Marvelous Monday Musings

I say... MAKE IT a marvelous Monday anyway!
Even when you face a full whiteboard and then some.
When the loaded quilt wont quilt itself, (dang, shoulda bought the statler)
Even when you are staring down dirty dishes from the laziness of the night before.
When your dog has strewn things all over every floor in the house.
When you just noticed that you forgot a September birthday cause you are still whining about the last birthday!
When your list was longer than the tablet so you threw the tablet at the dog when you discovered yet another shoe destroyed. (oh thats gonna cost me)
When you just dont think Mondays are quite so marvelous...
Just make it happen! How you say? I have rules...... (Vee Have Vays)

*Retail Therapy
*Phone a friend, sis, Ma, daughter, or anyone else who lubs ya just cause you're you. (they gotta lub ya, and they might be inclined to do a little retail therapy with you.
*Clean the kitchen. It doesnt matter whats a mess, when the kitchens clean, the house feels better, and you need room for stuff from retail Therapy.
* A warm tortilla with butter. ( damn it, I'm out of butter, see retail therapy)
*Blog about Marvelous Mondays (pppffftt, I'm tryin here people?)

I'm outa here... guess what I'm going to do?

*********Hi Honey's I'm Home!************

I gots me somepin too:) Wanna see? Ok, well, I had to order them, cause they are already sold out in my size.. but in a few weeks! WOOHOO! The New La Jolla UGGS are out! Now dont start telling me that I didnt need these, it gets darned windy cold down here on the beach in winter:) Besides, I go to the fog/cold valley zone monthly too right? Of course right.

oh yes, I stopped to get butter too...rofl! ( and a lotto ticket) I can work now, I'm sane again, TY.


The Sarah Bear said...

I wanna go shopping! Can't wait to see you! missin' ya, missin' the beach, missin' the coffee time.

Anonymous said...

ROFL I missed this post, did you really get these boots, I sure hope in a size 6 1/2 :) I want them, they sell for $250, here if they are Uggs, an Ugg store opened on Sherbrooke street. Woohoo!
But really G, do you really need these in Pismo?
They are for 40 below.
Keep them away from Ginger, they are big stuffed toys for her. lol

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