Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Diva Dog

Yes, she has grown up folks. After picking her up from the groomer yesterday, I noticed a new look in her eyes. A new prance in her walk. She is coming into her her own Poodle Diva self, me thinks. After dinner we took her out to the beach for our stroll and she didn't even want to run into the water to chase the seagulls! She did however still run to jump on passerby children. THIS being the issue we have with her... I'm certain that its a bit intimidating for a 2 foot child to see a red ball of fur running mach 1 with hair flying about to pounce on ya! She loves them so much. I think that socializing her with the grand kids did that.
I was wondering if she might be feeling under the weather like her human parents.. or if she was just a bit snotty with her new doo? When we went to bed, she actually walked up the stairs instead of hopping while nipping at my legs. She ran right into the guest room and positioned herself on top of all the fancy pillows.... Man, I need a camera attached to my hip! I convinced her to come into our room, but she wouldn't go to her own bed, she hopped up on ours, and promptly spread herself out on my king sized pillow! ( wtf?) I decided to indulge her, since we girls DO indeed feel better after our SPA treatments, but I told her that tomorrow, I was not tolerating her snottiness. Wrongo..... today she is still all that and a bag of chips. She ignored Rudy's attempts at annoying playtime, and is eating her kibble one at a time? I'm calling her Gingaire` now...LOL
A part of me wants to see her puppiness leave, but.. on the other hand, her youthful silliness is heartwarming and fun.
**What a noticeable difference in the post below on her 6 month birthday huh? Wow!
Even in this photo she is starring up at me like she cannot be bothered with my kissy face photo snapping. I think I will drag out some velvet tonight, and make her a little throw for her throne.
Have a great hump day, I'm late for work!


Sharon said...

She looks very mature and grown up already! Why are you bothering her AGAIN with that silly camera.

The Sarah Bear said...

She is a cheese puff! LOL!

Lovin' ya.

Ronda Beyer said...

She is gorgeous....... And I am sure enjoyed her "spa" day with her Mom.....Happy Hump day back at ya!

Deb said...

What a beautiful little princess! I think a velvet throw is the least you can do for her. Maybe a silk shawl next, in turquoise to compliment her gorgeous coat!

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