Saturday, September 8, 2007

Class: Ronda Beyer, Cranberry Quiltworks, Yorba Linda,CA

Getting Ready!!! Getting Excited!! I am in hopes of learning some new tricks I tell ya! I am such a visual person, its the perfect environment for me to learn hands on.I just re-read the class description for about the hundredth time and I think I will be bringing a longtime loved UFO for our teachers consideration and my new technique application.
I met Ronda at MQS this year, and practically begged her to begin a teaching career... she actually listened to me! (Jeez how I'd love to believe it was all my fault huh? lol) I have been following her quilt journey for quite some time now. I'm fortunate to be able to pick her brain! And as long as there are teachers like this, I will continue to learn, and thrive!
Do you remember reading about my accident and recovery days? The last quilt (in chair) done, long before I had a grand daughter to make it for? Still hanging? Yep yep yep... I'm bringing it to her! Us! Me? Grunt. Ronda, no pressure its ONLY AVIANA'S!
Here's a picture of the top, and back... now remember... no piecing experience (or anything else back then) so be gentle, go get some rose colored glasses on or something. I fell in love with the tulle (sp ck). No one ever told me to cut off selvages, or use quarter inch seams, or press to the dark for that matter... I was just sitting there dreaming of a grand daughter to give it to:) I'm still not sure that I want to part with it to be honest? Its kind of a part of history now, a daily reminder of where I've been, how I got here, and how far I've come. ::sigh:: I have often been tempted to redo the entire thing, and do it the right way, but then, I'd be disturbing history instead of preserving it. No Can Do.
I know you're thinking move on eh? Well... I have.. I think it keeps me humble? Not sure, I'll ponder that and save for another blogabout:) Look for future blog title, The Primitive Crinoline Lady...LOLOL

Class is October 3, 4th, and 5th. Wanna come with me? I'll drive! Hey! We can sneak in a Disneyland day! Do they sell wine there? Hmmm... thinkin.....


Sharon said...

That is so pretty!!! You could always give it to me!!!

Ronda Beyer said...

I cannot wait, we are going to paint the town Lime Green... What a gorgeous quilt, I love it...... Bring along your ????'s, I am sending down a few of my own quilts for everyone to pick apart...... And I am sure we can find at least one wine shop.....I am not only excited but getting nervous~

Dianah said...

Hey! Where is your class and what is it about? No alcohol in the Happiest Place On Earth. You can get a drink at California Adventure and in Downtown though. I wannna go. Quilting, alcohol, and the Mouse, man your lucky. ;}


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