Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nine Eleven Day

Did anyone run down the stairs and turn on the news this morning, or was it just me? I'm almost certain that this is the content of many blogs today eh? Many people said Never Forget... I never will.
Years pass, and still the Amy Grant Tribute to 911 makes me weepy. Young sons going off to fight, (including one of my own) not only give us great pride, but scare us right to our very core. People arguing left and right over what exactly IS wrong and right, and I wonder what happened to all the unity in this Country following the events of that dreadful day.

I went out to sunset last night, like we often do. Once again I was humbled by the size of not only my very existence, but by the size of my seemingly Petty problems. When I stop and look around, they are so small, I am ashamed of myself. So many suffer more than I. Its just plain silly to think about those who suffer less. For me and mine are truly blessed.

Have a great day everyone. Make someone smile inside:)


Sharon said...

The first thing I did this morning was turn on the news. I was sitting there watching the first building when I saw a plane come around thinking "what the heck????" when the second one came. I stayed plastered to the tv all that day. Then after I got my first cup of coffee, we went out and put the flag up.

The Sarah Bear said...

My mom called, told us to turn on the TV IMMEDIATELY and as I ran to do so, she said, "We are under attack, and I need you to know I love you."

Not even sure what was said after that because by then I was watching the events unfold. Within a short time, the second plane hit and I was devestated. I remember the world stopping.

Thank you Gina for making a place for us to honor, remember, respect, and mourn this day.

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