Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rudy Speak: A Post For Penny

She Wants What She Wants

Yes, the angelic perfect grandaughter has a little SYBIL in her too cause in this evidence photograph she is indeed the cookie monster curtain climber!!! I can her it now... AVIANA GET YOUR BUTT DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW!
LOL!!! I say, Miss independance... and look out Mama!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin, Jeff, Rudy...M & M's!

M & M's start with Lap top up and running again! I thought that te poor thing was dead. We finally made it into the Geek Squad and... well.... it was the fault of the Super Chicken. Rudy did it. The Geek guy of course couldnt figure out what a super chicken is while Walt tried to explain. He then felt awkward while he an I squabbled in public over whether or not it was Rudys official birthday present, or should we just send him to the nearest parrot rescue. Yes, September is his month too, along with everyone elses.. Speaking of... Happy Birthday today to Jeff( Blimas Son) and my grandson Justin!!! He is scaring the bejeezers out of all of us as a new hobby of football has gotten his attention.

He is way too young for this eh? Have a Marvelous Monday Justin!

On the quilt front, I have 3 going at the same time. Tee Shirt, Memory, Poppy Art. This is a first for me to have so many going.. but maybe I'm fighting boredom, or just stressed and doing the Sybil thing.. not sure.. dont care.. at least I'm in there right? I did find myself boiling some eggs, which is always a good indication that I'm wierding out a bit. But its ok... I'll be fine:) Working on a plan.. the next

Marvelous Mondays Include:

Cost of Rudy using my AC Cord as a toy for an instant.............................................109.00

Cost of embarressing explaining while getting the LOOK from Mufasa................. A Steak Dinner

Cost of Gina being able to Blog and facebook................................................................Yep, Priceless!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

In The Shop Not Working..( bad girl)

So, did everyone see the new premiere show MERCY? It was just OKAY for me. Not as good as House was. A pissed off woman cheating on her husband with a real hate on for men. hmmmmmm I dont think I need this? Its kind of like putting on a CD of Alanis Morrisette when you are already mad as hell at men.
I would sure like to know when they will put out a good comedy show. They really do not know the power in laughter eh? Its good medicine! I swear all I ever see is sex, violence, gangs, murder, terrorists... U get my drift right? The only thing I find to laugh at is Two and a half Men, and thats not so G rated you know? The new Jay Leno show stinked for me. It was like a bad writer team for the Tonight Show....grunt.
Maybe its just me, but I am leaning toward nooooo its the world around me.
I see many changes around blogville these days. One of my favorites is gone and I will miss her terribly. My own Pickford is gone as I deleted it!!! Some people said it was my hobby when in fact it was diligent hard work...pppfffttt. With Walts Health we have decided to put away our B & B hats and go home. Home to AG, the Pismo area. Buy him a nice 4 wheel drive and firmly plant him and his lil IV ball on the beach where he is home, as am I. All I will say for now is that this has been part of the journey, and its time to go home.
FaceBook I see is the new online drug of choice for many. I cancelled my Twitter so that I can concentrate more on FB..LOLOL Listen... heres my thinking... I can play farmtown or facebook, or blog.... sooner than I can watch reruns of the Sopranos, Desparete Housewives, cold case files, or all the other crap Walt is remoting. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. TV stinks. ( well, cept for a few shows)
I should get back to work now. I have my iced tea, smooth Jazz, and the Rudy man... life will be good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Marvelous Monday

It was...really it was. It was productive... thats marvelous right? We didnt have any sunshine, and clearly no rainbow, but Walt felt pretty good, and much work was done, and hey guess what? I didnt have to make breakfast yippee!! I pretty much have to realize and accept the truth. I STILL dont do mornings. Grunt. Its okay too, because not everyone can be a morning person right? Because there would be no night peoples! :::work with me peoples::: I can justify practically anything.
M & M's included :

Premiere of HOUSE ( loved it!)
Sherry's help in the Inn
2 day priority mail, cause I have no patience?
Walts little netbook cause mine died:(
Guests who send you very touching thank you notes, inspirational books, ty sally, and TY also Allen Sargeant's CD who noticeably loves being a good servant. Who says people arent sent at the perfect time?
I'll find more next week?

Friday, September 18, 2009

In Need Of A Rainbow

I was cleaning out my cell phone this morning, hoping to get better quality service from it whan I came across a photo sent to me a VERY long time ago by a good friend. A rainbow, after a good hard rain, right on her street. I thought to myself, there ya go... thats what you need right about now.. a rainbow! Lord knows theres a good hard rain going on in G's life eh? Ever since we lost Munz.....clic.
More changes on the horizon which I will tell you about as I go. Lets hope they all hold a rainbow.
Walt had a doctor appt today. Still the same, but thankfully no worse. TIME, its the word of the decade! Time has actually become a priceless commodity.OK, and Money, and STUFF.
He sleeps quite a bit. Eats whats given to him well, those are both rainbows. I even took him out his first time and he ate a whole 6 ounce steak by himself! ( in hindsight, it was too much for him and he slept forever afterword while I watched him breath. My fear lies in those words from doctors/nurses, "we're not out of the woods yet". Shit.
I got a crazy stomach flu bug attack myself this week, and ran right to the doctor who promtly told me to stay away from Walt. Thankfully it was short lived, I am on the mend, but damn! It was violent for 24 hours. I personally dont think a bug has a fighting chance against my pissed- offedness these days. It has left me weak and ribs are killing me! I may go and get the two of us some wonton soup later... well... I have check ins... so Maybe I'll open a package of top ramen? LOL Oh how I long to be happy again.
Next Monday..... I WILL have a Marvelous Monday Blog. Period.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Built To Break?

Who says? Hmmmm... I wonder sometimes.
Walt is home recovering. Weak as a kitten, in considerable pain from the holes in his body, but eatting well and he is hopeful. As am I.
As for me, I think I walk around in a constant state of disbelief, riding every wave, good, bad or ugly. I sure good use a good vacation. One with good food, good service, a massage or two...long walks and delicious wine. ahhhhhh. When I re-read that I think how ironic it is that right here in Cambria, california, I have Just that. HA!
I finally got into the shop today and cleaned up after the quilt retreat. It was sad.. I dont even know what the hell went on? I want a DO-OVER!
I cranked up my new DMB Cd and talked to fabrics. It felt so great I think I'll do it again tomorrow:) The Inn is slowing down considerably so I can get back to quilting! WOOHOO!!
I havent had time all summer to do anything, as you can see, not even blog time! Even poor Ginger looks a bit Whats everyone up to anyway??I think I'll go cruise the blogs and see for myself:)
Thanks again to all who care for us via email, snail, mall, call. etc. Lets hope we got him on the mend. He is trying very , very hard.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day is Still here.

Just a quick note again to let you know we are still what seems to be the fight for our lives ... as we knew it? This poor man O Mine is suffering:( . It seems that we take one step forward, and a few back. Its ONE dastardly bug that is trying hard to win. All talk of possible discharge soon is off. Antibiotics changed again, Other complications keep creeping in as we go,besides trying to outsmart this bug, iron and potassium defieciency, anemia, malnourished. THIS is all so incredible that sometimes even I dont believe it. Thanks for your continued support. I guess its true. I am afraid. Our daughters are both here for the week end, that helps. Will be in touch when I can. Labor Day weekend is still here, whether I like it or not.

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