Thursday, September 24, 2009

In The Shop Not Working..( bad girl)

So, did everyone see the new premiere show MERCY? It was just OKAY for me. Not as good as House was. A pissed off woman cheating on her husband with a real hate on for men. hmmmmmm I dont think I need this? Its kind of like putting on a CD of Alanis Morrisette when you are already mad as hell at men.
I would sure like to know when they will put out a good comedy show. They really do not know the power in laughter eh? Its good medicine! I swear all I ever see is sex, violence, gangs, murder, terrorists... U get my drift right? The only thing I find to laugh at is Two and a half Men, and thats not so G rated you know? The new Jay Leno show stinked for me. It was like a bad writer team for the Tonight Show....grunt.
Maybe its just me, but I am leaning toward nooooo its the world around me.
I see many changes around blogville these days. One of my favorites is gone and I will miss her terribly. My own Pickford is gone as I deleted it!!! Some people said it was my hobby when in fact it was diligent hard work...pppfffttt. With Walts Health we have decided to put away our B & B hats and go home. Home to AG, the Pismo area. Buy him a nice 4 wheel drive and firmly plant him and his lil IV ball on the beach where he is home, as am I. All I will say for now is that this has been part of the journey, and its time to go home.
FaceBook I see is the new online drug of choice for many. I cancelled my Twitter so that I can concentrate more on FB..LOLOL Listen... heres my thinking... I can play farmtown or facebook, or blog.... sooner than I can watch reruns of the Sopranos, Desparete Housewives, cold case files, or all the other crap Walt is remoting. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. TV stinks. ( well, cept for a few shows)
I should get back to work now. I have my iced tea, smooth Jazz, and the Rudy man... life will be good.


Deb said... is full of them. I hope this one is good for you and Walt. Thinking of you.

Carol said...

I will miss your B&B adventures - you were the best! But, I am glad you are going home - you deserve it! Love to you both!

marilyn said...

There's no place like home as Dorothy said.....
probably a good choice for both of you.
Both of you are in my thoughts .

Vicki W said...

I'm glad you are going home. You don't need the extra stress of running a B&B.

Jan Thompson said...

You know, Gina, sometimes the dream is not the dream we thought it was or wanted. I hope the next months are filled with looking forward!!

Lynn Douglass said...

You can add this to the BTDT list, and get on with getting back to the things you love. I hope that Walt continues to improve, and that you and Rudy can enjoy more quilting!

Gretchen said...

I wise person said to me once " you didn't know what your didn't need/want until you had it"
I'm glad you had the experience and I'm sorry I never got to visit.
Glad you are going home. Hugs to you both.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

We've been without television for about 15 years. We watch when we travel, but don't have a set. We learn what is going on in the world just fine - and not watching gives us more time to help our friends and have time together. We've even turned down free TVs from people.
Congratulations on making a major decision and being able to concentrate on yourselves.
Prayers from Colorado

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