Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Support = Success

The secret to success is in support. (remember the Who's your bra blogabout?)
Good morning, to above starter........... we all NEED it. Sometimes, some of us need it more than others, and more often. THIS morning, I woke up pushing myself JUST to get to the kitchen. It happens. Its amazing to me how one day I can skip in there, and the very next I must use self talk to make it to the same mark. It is on these days... moments... I search for a bra. Know what? I am so blessed to ALWAYS find one!
Having said that, this is just to say good morning to you, and thanks for the support no matter how great or small. I am thankful that God has sent many angels to see to my success. I pray that I too am a sent angel for some.

Monday, March 29, 2010

M & M's Happy Passover!

To you and yours!

One week til I see Blima!!!!!! yep yep yep... One week! Today she is busy with Passover dinner for I forget, 20...15... Pfftt... a lot of peoples! I asked her if she would attend church, after laughing at me at the church vs Snygogue snafu... she told me that CHURCH is around her dining room table! Works for me, best place for worship I say! So after 2 days of dinner, which took the last 2 weeks to prepare...she too will be packing like me to meet next week! We have vowed to hit some pretty big jackpots.. you know, for new cars, houses, little things like that:) I have a very busy week, with lists all over the house of course... I hope I have enough spoons to do it all because frankly... I have few these days, but I keep rattling the cutlery drawers in search for more. Have a Marvelous Monday Dear Blog Readers!

* Skype calls with pals, download it today!
* 3 of 7 productive days. Sometimes, there just arent enough spoons?
*Cell phone calls at a JM Concert from DD!
* JM Tee shirt from said DD!
*Shared plans, help with plans
*TJ Maxx opening at costco complex!

Friday, March 26, 2010

First Blog Award 2010

My first blog award for 2010!! ( Maybe I am coming back to the land of the living eh?)Thank you Thearica! Glad that I make your day a little better:)

This quote comes along with the award:
"Bloggers who inspire others with their positivity and creativity".

The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to your top 3 bloggers. ( or as many as turn you on daily!)
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

My Pick Hits with a cuppa or two:

SarahBear's Mama  For a wink and a smile with every post!
Judy  For a damn good cuppa coffee while I walk through life with her!
Ronda For feeding my heart, mind and soul on a daily basis.

Speaking Of Shoe Fetishes............

That comment that I made yesterday drove a nail right into me. Not only do I have a shoe fetish ( and I KNOW i'm not alone in this one either) but I think I better take ownership of a certain pet peeve that I also have regarding said shoes. It would seem that I am forever picking up and putting away Walts shoes. He leaves them wherever. The only place I really dont mind them being is outside at the front door on the porch. I think it gives the impression that a big strappin man resides in there so ya better not be trying to break in here. ( Like I said, it aint easy being me). Ok, so.. I suppose I gripe a bit, be it to myself, others or Mufasa himself. It occured to me yesterday that I left my new Skecther denim wedges at my daughters house last week. (GONE NOW EH) I also remembered how I cannot find my lil black boots since practically living at my sisters home. (SAD TOO Mom and I bought and loved those).
 I was writing yesterdays post while listening to Fergie sing Glamourous. A part of the lyrics said ( and I concour) "Gotta make enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish". Well, it hit me! I looked down to the floor and practically wrapped around my rocker are 4  .....5 pair of MY SHOES!! Its me! Its Me I am the man on the grassy knowle! Good grief! I leave my shoes all over too! Ya know that wouldnt fly when there were children around!  I snapped an embarrasing pic and took them to my closet, but before I got there I spied a PILE on the bedroom floor!
Bad girl. I'll work on that. Maybe what I need is a build out shoe closet where I can SEE them all.
PS: Thearica presented me with a blog award! Stay tuned while I write that up!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrap A Quilt, Wrap My Linens Too!

G'mornin:) I am well aware that many of you will be shaking your head with this totally OCD-ism, but I want to share it anyway! I havent quite gotten the hang of this new photo placement, so bare with me on that K? With that said............ Messy cupboards piss me off. There, I said it. When I want to set a table, dress a sideboard, or make ready for incoming guests, I must WHIRL things around until I find what I'm looking for! With the last move I even drasticaly reduced the inventory giving linens to my daughter to DEAL with. Anyone else need some too? Steph? Julie? I gots lots! I found that if I buy the same color of sheet sets, when I go to make a bed, pulling out the WRONG size, I have a whole heffer trying to find the correct sets!
Problem: Ineffeicent messy linen storage
Solution: Quilt Like wrapping!
I may not be the original idea woman on this,(although I could be?) but it was a lightbulb moment for me.
For my girls rolling your eyes: I am NOT Bossy, I just have better ideas.
Stay with me, you will thank me when I'm gone.
Pictured below are now sheet sets wrapped in one of 4 matching pillow cases (after you get past the messy closet) and marked for which bed it belongs on. When company comes, or I change my own bedding, voila! Pull down a nicely wrapped package! Fresh out of the laundry, fold, pack up, mark, & put away.....a cinch! Again, I KNOW you will say that you dont have time, but believe me, it takes more time to REfold, whirl linens around, and get pissy! Today, I am going to do the same thing with all table linens!
:::Things that get done while not quilting eh?:::
I think THIS move is really messing with me. ( no pun intended) I have the urge to purge, if not organize. I plan on a HUGE Tag sale soon. I mean really, how many linens does one need? I have/had enough cloth napkins to feed a small country! All bedroom closets were full, all linen closets, and many boxes to go! And BTW, same goes for Vases, dishes, kitchen gadgets, pitchers, candlesticks, cookware, OMG! 
 I think I have a home goods fetish as ridiculous as my shoes!
Like I said, I just wanted to share this little helpful hint while enjoying the morning coffee and sunshine. Its nice out here today.. I'm getting some much needed Vitamin D. Now I need a good laugh, and I'll call myself Healthy today! Have a good day.. I'm off to organize something!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waking Sleepy Thoughts

Everyone can relax. I found my quilt maker:) ::Sigh::: Now if only I could find Moms recipe for Walnut Herb salad I would be thrilled. I have now torn this house apart for about a handful of missing items. I REALLY loathe moving. Think I need to CLIC, yes CLIC.
Whats doing for this Wednesday with you? I will be working in the shop on a custom Batik. I hope. SHOUT OUT to Ronda who just won BIG for her Darwins Diamonds quilt, I am so very proud of her! I miss her. shoot... CLIC
I have been collecting my UFO;s. Wow... I have more than ever before now. Like I said, 2 years running, Sybil`s all over the map. The one that pains me the most is the nickel quilt I began with regard to my James. You may remember talking to him in pen, on fabric.. Now I have a bazillion gut wrenching nickels to place, sew, quilt. I may just box that one up and be buried with it. Hmmmmmm
I have 4 count them 4 grand baby quilts I have never gotten quilted! BAD Nonni! Whats wrong with me?Maybe I need some inspiration. Maybe I need some anti-depressants? Maybe just a hug, ya never know with me eh.
brb, more java needed.........
So Las Vegas is soon for Dear Daughter & pal, then my turn, minus John Mayer! Grunt. I hope she is careful and keeps her wits about her. We really should have planned this out I cant wait to see Blima! ( and Mike) We are already making up codes to sneak away from the men and chit chat in real time. We may not need the codes because we just realized that our hotel has a BARE POOL, and the men just might be gone themselves! So did LV get bored with million dollar fountains and decide to build a nudy pool? I mean topless pool? It is very sovinistict (sp chk) that entry to the Bare Pool is FREE for all women, and the men are charged 25-40 bucks. Come onnnnnnnn
Hey! Enough yakking! I need to get to my lists!
Have a good humpday, pray that mine is focussed and productive K?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tickled On A Tuesday

Today is the first day I am actually feeling excited about our Spring break trip to Las Vegas! Yep yep yep... its almost been an impending doom until now. Im not sure what changed, but I think it may have something to do with a helping hand.
We will be off to see Blima and Mike for a whopping 4 days. ( I think I mentioned this before) I have a dog sitter, bird sitter, house sitter, and we are driving, NOT flying! YIKES. We have front row seats in 4 shows that Blima and I have been longing to see. Jersy Boyz, Lion King, Love, Terri Factor.
We will even be dining with a foodie friend on one night! Walt & Mike Im sure will be delighted at the Morrocan restaurant to watch all the belly dancers. grunt. Blima has been in charge of dining, so I know that will be a treat as well. Im looking forward to the pool time just to relax ( note to self, get a new quilt book to bring along). I have made a tight budget to gamble with, but that wont work long cause me & that Wheel of Fortune have a date to WIN WIN WIN. Then............ look out world. I have an additional list of spending to be done! lol One of them is a new sewing machine! MAN this Elna is making me mental! Im about to dig out the featherweight and go slow for awhile.
So, the coffee is good, the list is growing, the attitude is UP, and only a few things could have been better on the first cuppa today. NEVER go to bed leaving a dirty kitchen!! Its hell to wake up to! Its just awful to put at the top of a new days list eh! chit.
Ponder food: Shaping ones destiny.... hmmmm I shall ponder this today. :::dont even ask me where that came from, it happens.
Anothe tickle: I received an email from a long lost neice last evening! I was so thrilled I nearly couldnt speak! ( NOT). My brother Terry, ( which is a long story and u dont know it) Had the cutest baby girl last time we saw each other. She is now grown and gorgeous and didnt even know she has a couple Aunties over here. How cool is that?
Another tickle: Heather is indeed Preggers and officially excited? Well, I I was throwing potential fabric all over last night after gawking at the lil sonogram sent to us! Congratulations H Woman, and I'm on it!
One more tickle, can ya stand it? I had a call from a customer Kathy Donelli who did not leave me her number to return the call! The reason for this tickle? She was my first double wedding ring customer, and THAT quilt went into her pattern and has brought much loved attention for Dear Gina services! The lime DWR even went on business cards! Now her son is to get married and we have another one! Trouble is............... NO PHONE NUMBER TO BE FOUND! So Kathy, or anyone who knows her, please tell her I CAN AND WILL do the DWR for you in time! Just call back! I guess in the move, I have miss placed my card files.... well .. no guessing about it.. THEY ARE MIA.
Ok, very late start but the second cuppa was as good as the first, gotta bolt!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Marvelous Mondays In My Minds Eye

A VERY busy March!  Jamie (baby grand girl) wins her first ever beauty pageant, coming in 2nd place!Shawn ( baby grand son) turns 3!!! Holy crap where does the time go? Jackie ( Neice) turns 17!!! My Sis and her Hubbs at dinner for birthday celebration. Pictured with Jack, the amazing brother of said birthday girl Matty Moo!( nephew)

A quickie visit from the ever so busy Mompean family! Sarah rushed at the beach, Heather and I rushed through 2 games of Rummy, Gina 1, Heather 1.... problem is... heathers 1 pretty much clobbered me. Grunt. THESE visits are WAY too short!
THESE are my Marvelous Monday Look backs!I Suppose I should get back to work now since the next couple weeks will be as busy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Now THIS Would Perk Me Up!

76 Degrees today!!!
What a differance a day makes!
much needed sleep!
Seeing truly missed family
Chanting that attitude is everything, with proper attitude, we would not only see life differently, it would BECOME different soon enough.
*All of the above

I'll buy that for a dollar:)
You see, it may be as easy as
Sometimes you are the windsheild, and sometimes you are the bug. At any rate, I'm gonna make another cuppa, clean this mess, and load a custom quilt job. TGIF

Thursday, March 18, 2010

That Last Post..............

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation

with the bricks others have thrown him."

David Brinkley

Could someone please stop the brick throwing going on? PLEASE? I'm freaking strong enough thanks!

Monday, March 15, 2010

M & M's & There She Goes Again!

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation
with the bricks others have thrown him."
 David Brinkley
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
 Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."
 Helen Keller

Yes, Dear blog readers I am trying to convince myself!!
Ahuh.... I concour. Sometimes it feels like a good game of Space Invaders and all I can do is duck & dodge, but I refuse to go down. ( ok, well for long).
That widget thing below still has me intrigued. I have been reading posts since 2007, and one thing has occured to me. Life changed. I didnt so much. I mean yes, I have changed with respect to grief and a tad bit of insecurities.. but my core seems to have remained the same. Am I wrong? Or shall I say... is it right?
IMHO I am on target. That firm foundation was put down so long ago, and here I am, riding waves.:::shaking head:::: Ok, enough pondering, I gotta go!
I am off to the valley once again. I'll see my kids, grands, sis & family, and hopefully Moms headstone will be ready.. Not sure, but I'll be stopping to say happy birthday to her anyway. I'll bet everyday is a glorious occasion for her now. I wonder if shes making pies for all the family past. My James being first with his beak open. Wow.. didnt I say enough pondering?
Have a marvelous Monday dear readers... See ya when I see ya:)

M & M's include
* Good friends and week end visits
* A mean Pot O beans
( I hate it when I have to THINK of these things from last week, as opposed to them rolling off my fingers)
*Craigs list
*Root touch up from
*Cheetah Fabric

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Daughter: Ya Done Good Buttercup!

Nurse Rachett  Karen made it.. its official! I KNEW you passed the board:) Congratulations dear daughter!
We are VERY proud of you! Since Grama cant be here to say it, I just did.. Ya done good Buttercup!
I guess I should dream up a Nursy quilt? BTW, I havent been feeling well lately... come take a look would ya?

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Widget & Heather Comin'!

Have you peoples noticed in the last couple days the 3 pics at the bottom of every post? I may be Sybil come lately, but I just put this Widget on, and its wasting my time! Its Kinda Fun! I clic on those related posts and history unfolds itself, good and bad!
VERY INTERESTING. I really wish to purchase BLOG2PRINT and make a chronicle book of this mess of a couple years. ::good & bad:::
I also put a search bar widget on, so you can find recipes, and M & M's easier, but it took forever to load the page each time I clicked on it.. SO... I trash canned it.  I get several emails asking for back posts, recipes, etc...
I want pages to load and flip on command. Sorry? Keep emailig, I will share always.
Guest room ready/ check
cards strateicaly placed in plain view/ check
Pear crisp on the list/check
toy chest filled in/check
coffee beans grounded/check
 I need to make some chili for Kim.... what else? Oh crap I better go make a list and get to it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Won't Be Seeing John Mayer in Concert This Year

Pain throws your heart to the ground,
love turns the whole thing around,
no it wont all go the way it should,
but I know the heart of life is good.

John Mayer
Oh you have heard this from me a million times, but guess what... true-er words have never been spoken in my life eh? I cant remember who wrote it on a block on my comfort quilt, but THANK YOU AGAIN, cause its a go to chant for me.
Karen, Dear Daughter will in fact be seeing JM this year, in Vegas no less! Yep yep yep.. She recieved tickets for her graduation from her BFF Becca. ( Ya done good Bec) I will be singing over here with them.. wishing I was there.
I WILL BE THERE................ To meet Blima in April! I know I know.. SHUT UP RIGHT? Yep yep yep.. She and Mike are coming to meet us for a few days by the pool.. I mean slots.. I mean theatre.. Oh wait.. Maybe its at Bobby Flays restaurant???  No matter, I can hardly wait, or breathe knowing that is only 3 weeks away. I havent seen her in a year!!  The 4 days, Im sure wont be enough. I may stuff her in my suitcase. We have tickets to see so many shows I've been pining away to see!
Jerzey Boys!Lion King! Love! 
side note: I have put in a prayer post it note.. I have called all the kids.. NOTHING better happen while I'm gone, Or... or... well... fill in the blanks.
Now you know... to improve my DQL I have indeed scheduled a Montreal trip in the fall. I really need to get back on that horse and ride. Blima and I are in hopes of a new road trip to Wherever, we really dont care as long as its together! I need a winning lotto ticket Lord.. yes I do....
I will leave you now, to listen to my third copy of Continuom CD. I need a fourth. A quilting, I mean Singing.. I will go.........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Marketing Thoughts

Ok so swelling is down, one WEEK later I feel near human agin. WOW... What a ride! At the top of my list this morning, the quilt shop! Yes! Can she actually stand up for several hours and knock out that loaded King? ( pray)
I have so much work to do in here.. Mercy am I behind. The good news is....I FEEL like it! Its about damn time too! I really miss having a TV in here.. babysitter news talk maybe, I dunno... It shouldnt matter right?
I been thinking.... I have been trying to position myself to open a local quilt shop here, complete with LA services, retreats, classes, of course.. BUT.. In my travels this week, doing some much needed marketing, I am of the mind that I dont need that kind of overhead when I can acheive the same thing right here in my own home. Online, in house... Its a huge space, I am computer savvy... I got skills and a buncha hootspah... what u think? When in a hole, pull a Martha Stewart and expand and diversify? Thinkin on it.... What sparked this is a failing lqs, a thriving lqs, and a new born lqs. The failing is HUGE, outstanding location, and screaming for the likes of me! The thriver ( is that a word?) is filled with happiness and trendy fabrics and notions.. and best of all, Quilters! The newborn lqs, no larger than my master suite, cute as a bugs ear, and not yet on the map so to speak. Starving longarmers all around, ( save a few) and I need a NEW NICHE. Its either that or I have to go back to work in the hospitality industry and I SHUDDER TO THINK THIS.
So... I could write a book as many of you keep yelling for me to do.
I could open an online store, coupled with deargina services.. hosting all kinds of events.
I could stfu and finish 1 of 2 cook books
I could rent out quarters to a travelling nurse and hopefully she quilts on the side.
I could go shopping, cause when the going gets tough the tough DO GO SHOPPING.
I could drag out my resume and cry about that ( too)
I could go find backings for all those UFO's and get em quilted................
I could pour another cuppa and attack my list.
I could go bake a pie.
Mom? I so understand baking a pie alternative. I SO GET YOU.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pismo Clam = Monarch's Are Home!

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world
the master calls a butterfly."

– Richard Bach
In my travels today to the devil dentist and 3 local quilt shops for new brochure deliveries... I spied the new painting of the Pismo Clam! Yes, Dear peoples... The Monarchs have arrived!  If you are ever in need of an awesome butterfy viewing, Pismo is the place to do it! I sure hope that all of our grands and faux grands make it down to see... Beautiful creatures they are, and what a wonderful thing to have endured a catapillars life to be rewarded  with beauty and flight. ::SIGH:::
I dont know about all of you, but I see a quilt here! Next Clam painting should be the Shamrock:)
(I forget which ones I've shown you before?)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rough Week End

Due to tooth pain? ( Lets call it that K?) My bone grafting high jacked my workout journey. Simple procedure my EYE. Hopefully this week will be better.
Good morning world:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Marshall's & Weight Loss JUST Out Of Reach

No one is asking about my new freaking fitness routine? Why not??? Might it be because there is so much going on all the flippin time you just FORGOT?
Well! Two things haunt me, escape me, elude me....find words..hmmmm
I am up to 1 -1/2 miles @ 3.2 mph... it takes me about 40 minutes. I spend this time trying to get to the beautiful spring dresses for all my girls at Marhalls which couldnt be more than 1/16th of a mile directly in front of me & this endless rubber band I walk on, but yet........... I never arrive. Then, with a heartrate of OMFG I'm gonna die tonight.... I move to the strength training machines. Now mind you... I have TUNED out all Bambi's around me. I have this ability. I stick in my ipod on louder than loud, and pretend that I am a grown up Bambi and they are all watching my routine because imitation is the best form of flattery you know:)... oh... where was i? The machines!
Geez... First up, 3 sets of 15 on each. I begin with the back extender. Most would think to stretch or improve my old back fracture. NOPE. I go there to lay directly under the fans to whirl my schvitzyness further into my hair and tee shirt neckline. Enough.
Next its the Chest press. I told the guys with no shame at all when I began, my boobs have fallen and they cant get up! He lead me to a machine that seems to be a workout for my back shoulders. I think that Arnold Schwarnegger does this..... OMG
After this I must rest so I move onto the hip thingys... at 40 pounds lift I am to move my legs in and out to burn  the fat off of my hips. One would think this could be erotic, IF I wasnt so schvitzy?  Feeling just a tad bit empowered I am ready to attack the ab cruncher machine. THIS is where my tune out skills faulter. I just know that every eye is watching my rolls go round the rolls... I cant even discuss this inteligently...moving on........
Leg press. OK.. I thought this was pretty easy, until I was told that its really like squats on a wall, only sideways. it didnt hurt until I got home. Never having made it Marshalls mind you!
Remember I told you I had lost 5 pounds? The good news is, I havent gained it back.. the bad news is I never lost more.. not even water weight the lil Bambi told me about.
Weight loss.... escapes me
Marshalls arrival...escapes me....
Everyday I put my big girl panties on and say that I am bound for success today. EVERYDAY.
By noon, I have trouble keeping said panties UP. The bewitching hours are from 4 to 7 PM...  The panties are down around my ankles and I'm considering putting the ole` feed bag on. I usually manage a few pull ups on the panties and make it to the gym. So far, all I have accomplished is looking like a Hot Mess at the 8 pm hour, no spring dresses for my girls from Marshalls, not an ounce slimmer, and those big girl panties?
 Soakin schvitzy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Idol This Year Lost Something Besides Paula?

Is it me or is the show DROOPY this season, so far? I am in hopes its just All fronts, MY EARS! MY EARS!
I have always been an Ellen fan, but ..hmmm, not so much in this format? Simon leaving maybe looming over the show?
Gina just not locating her happy place yet?
Who knows... but the show isnt doing it for me, and I'm still watching.
Now 24 on the other hand STILL has me hanging off the side of my chair! I swear I need a xanex to get through this show! But thats another post.
Idol, shape up or Im gonna go quilt instead!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

True Religion GENES

When one cries tears, the other tastes salt.

As a pair of "Jackie O's" my Sis and I weathered the storm (like one brick wall) of our Mothers last days. One of the most chilling memories I will forever carry with me. One of many that only Sis and I will share. A lifetime of for our eyes and ears only, no one else has traveled this road. (our road)
I think this didnt really hit me until Mom left us. Theres a bond since the birth of one that lasts a lifetime. I wonder how twins feel?
She and I so different, yet so very much the same.
Our daughters too, and add now my baby very different, yet share the same genes. Moms genes.
You know those untouchable True Religion Jeans? We got some too.... untouchable True religion Genes:)
Just thinking while going through photos from the last months journey... wierd , wierd, journey. I find it so very odd to see expressions carried down 3 generations, not even shared in person, but still they are present. See below, Mom, vs grandaughter Karen........hmmm....

Yep, True Religion Genes, no monies needed................

Left to right, All dressed in unplanned Animal
Me, kellys daughter Jackie, Kelly ( sis)
 my daughter Karen, her daughter Aviana

I wish Lil Jamie was in this picture too... One day..........

As JM wrote, "I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm geting there".
Man I wish I woulda wrote that myself! LOL, but thanks JM!

Heres another funny Momism passed

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Morning!

How can you NOT smile with her? LOLOL
"The heart of life peoples...............the heart of life.

No matter, on the first cuppa, this feels pretty darn good to me:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

To Whomever Lets Gossip Rule Their Lives

I DO NOT subscribe to negativitey. There is absolutley no room in my heart for it. Please keep your bad attitudes to yourselves and refrain from reading my blog to justify your gossip. I will not play the game. I DO NOT wish to shut down my blog because of a few unpeaceful idiots. My conscience is clear thanks, so mind your own business please.
 The FIRST & LAST post on this subject.

MM-March is Here!

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."

                                                      Virginia Satir

Sounds like Ma telling me that I was dealt a hand of cards, play them the best that I can. She sure loved playing Smart Ma, I say.  Heres the only flaw in this theory......... If one PLAYS the hand dealt them, never knowing when to "fold em", one must continue to handle the crap.
Don't fold cause that inside straight is just around the corner!
Dont fold theres another Ace just under the deck!
Dont fold ya gotta PLAY this hand out or you'll never know!
Ma? were ya brilliant or just loving me through it?
Just random first cuppa thoughts.

Good morning:) How was your week end? I tried to get some work done, didnt work out so well for me. I kinda got hung up with Mom stuff.......I didnt fold, I'll be trying again today! LOL
 I have a busy month planned, and Im shoving more into it as we speak. It's a good plan.

Marvelous Mondays Include:
* A fantastic shop to TRY to work in, I think I'm missing a TV in there.
*Friends n Family checking on me and Sis. TY
*Rudy, TELLING me that "Its Okay".
*God's promise when I see the rainbow. I wonder about those promises, I really do.
*HOPE, sometimes its all I can find.

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