Monday, March 15, 2010

M & M's & There She Goes Again!

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation
with the bricks others have thrown him."
 David Brinkley
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
 Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."
 Helen Keller

Yes, Dear blog readers I am trying to convince myself!!
Ahuh.... I concour. Sometimes it feels like a good game of Space Invaders and all I can do is duck & dodge, but I refuse to go down. ( ok, well for long).
That widget thing below still has me intrigued. I have been reading posts since 2007, and one thing has occured to me. Life changed. I didnt so much. I mean yes, I have changed with respect to grief and a tad bit of insecurities.. but my core seems to have remained the same. Am I wrong? Or shall I say... is it right?
IMHO I am on target. That firm foundation was put down so long ago, and here I am, riding waves.:::shaking head:::: Ok, enough pondering, I gotta go!
I am off to the valley once again. I'll see my kids, grands, sis & family, and hopefully Moms headstone will be ready.. Not sure, but I'll be stopping to say happy birthday to her anyway. I'll bet everyday is a glorious occasion for her now. I wonder if shes making pies for all the family past. My James being first with his beak open. Wow.. didnt I say enough pondering?
Have a marvelous Monday dear readers... See ya when I see ya:)

M & M's include
* Good friends and week end visits
* A mean Pot O beans
( I hate it when I have to THINK of these things from last week, as opposed to them rolling off my fingers)
*Craigs list
*Root touch up from
*Cheetah Fabric


The Sarah Bear said...

THOSE are the comments I hate - and that have turned me off from bloggin' - stupid robo-ads!

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey - you forgot to mention that I whooped you at Rummny using the strategically placed deck of cards.

We miss you both - HAD A GREAT TIME!

Sarah says she wants to go back to the beach, because she says today it is not cold.

Gina said...

It was WARM, no wind!!! I was a bit pissy!!!

Yes, I did forget that lil tidbit of info... how u flattened me on Sunday... grunt.
Next match, hurry back.

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