Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Won't Be Seeing John Mayer in Concert This Year

Pain throws your heart to the ground,
love turns the whole thing around,
no it wont all go the way it should,
but I know the heart of life is good.

John Mayer
Oh you have heard this from me a million times, but guess what... true-er words have never been spoken in my life eh? I cant remember who wrote it on a block on my comfort quilt, but THANK YOU AGAIN, cause its a go to chant for me.
Karen, Dear Daughter will in fact be seeing JM this year, in Vegas no less! Yep yep yep.. She recieved tickets for her graduation from her BFF Becca. ( Ya done good Bec) I will be singing over here with them.. wishing I was there.
I WILL BE THERE................ To meet Blima in April! I know I know.. SHUT UP RIGHT? Yep yep yep.. She and Mike are coming to meet us for a few days by the pool.. I mean slots.. I mean theatre.. Oh wait.. Maybe its at Bobby Flays restaurant???  No matter, I can hardly wait, or breathe knowing that is only 3 weeks away. I havent seen her in a year!!  The 4 days, Im sure wont be enough. I may stuff her in my suitcase. We have tickets to see so many shows I've been pining away to see!
Jerzey Boys!Lion King! Love! 
side note: I have put in a prayer post it note.. I have called all the kids.. NOTHING better happen while I'm gone, Or... or... well... fill in the blanks.
Now you know... to improve my DQL I have indeed scheduled a Montreal trip in the fall. I really need to get back on that horse and ride. Blima and I are in hopes of a new road trip to Wherever, we really dont care as long as its together! I need a winning lotto ticket Lord.. yes I do....
I will leave you now, to listen to my third copy of Continuom CD. I need a fourth. A quilting, I mean Singing.. I will go.........

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