Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrap A Quilt, Wrap My Linens Too!

G'mornin:) I am well aware that many of you will be shaking your head with this totally OCD-ism, but I want to share it anyway! I havent quite gotten the hang of this new photo placement, so bare with me on that K? With that said............ Messy cupboards piss me off. There, I said it. When I want to set a table, dress a sideboard, or make ready for incoming guests, I must WHIRL things around until I find what I'm looking for! With the last move I even drasticaly reduced the inventory giving linens to my daughter to DEAL with. Anyone else need some too? Steph? Julie? I gots lots! I found that if I buy the same color of sheet sets, when I go to make a bed, pulling out the WRONG size, I have a whole heffer trying to find the correct sets!
Problem: Ineffeicent messy linen storage
Solution: Quilt Like wrapping!
I may not be the original idea woman on this,(although I could be?) but it was a lightbulb moment for me.
For my girls rolling your eyes: I am NOT Bossy, I just have better ideas.
Stay with me, you will thank me when I'm gone.
Pictured below are now sheet sets wrapped in one of 4 matching pillow cases (after you get past the messy closet) and marked for which bed it belongs on. When company comes, or I change my own bedding, voila! Pull down a nicely wrapped package! Fresh out of the laundry, fold, pack up, mark, & put away.....a cinch! Again, I KNOW you will say that you dont have time, but believe me, it takes more time to REfold, whirl linens around, and get pissy! Today, I am going to do the same thing with all table linens!
:::Things that get done while not quilting eh?:::
I think THIS move is really messing with me. ( no pun intended) I have the urge to purge, if not organize. I plan on a HUGE Tag sale soon. I mean really, how many linens does one need? I have/had enough cloth napkins to feed a small country! All bedroom closets were full, all linen closets, and many boxes to go! And BTW, same goes for Vases, dishes, kitchen gadgets, pitchers, candlesticks, cookware, OMG! 
 I think I have a home goods fetish as ridiculous as my shoes!
Like I said, I just wanted to share this little helpful hint while enjoying the morning coffee and sunshine. Its nice out here today.. I'm getting some much needed Vitamin D. Now I need a good laugh, and I'll call myself Healthy today! Have a good day.. I'm off to organize something!


Thearica said...

The only compliment my ex-sister in law ever paid me was that my closets and cupboards still to attention and saluted me whenever I opened the doors. Yes, I am a neat freak when it comes to my closets and kitchen you are not alone! :)

You have been tagged with the Sunshine Bloggers Award! Take a peek at my blog to see what it is all about! Congratulations!!

Desert Threads said...

Nah......makes too much sense to organize!! But you are so good at it.

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