Wednesday, March 3, 2010

True Religion GENES

When one cries tears, the other tastes salt.

As a pair of "Jackie O's" my Sis and I weathered the storm (like one brick wall) of our Mothers last days. One of the most chilling memories I will forever carry with me. One of many that only Sis and I will share. A lifetime of for our eyes and ears only, no one else has traveled this road. (our road)
I think this didnt really hit me until Mom left us. Theres a bond since the birth of one that lasts a lifetime. I wonder how twins feel?
She and I so different, yet so very much the same.
Our daughters too, and add now my baby very different, yet share the same genes. Moms genes.
You know those untouchable True Religion Jeans? We got some too.... untouchable True religion Genes:)
Just thinking while going through photos from the last months journey... wierd , wierd, journey. I find it so very odd to see expressions carried down 3 generations, not even shared in person, but still they are present. See below, Mom, vs grandaughter Karen........hmmm....

Yep, True Religion Genes, no monies needed................

Left to right, All dressed in unplanned Animal
Me, kellys daughter Jackie, Kelly ( sis)
 my daughter Karen, her daughter Aviana

I wish Lil Jamie was in this picture too... One day..........

As JM wrote, "I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm geting there".
Man I wish I woulda wrote that myself! LOL, but thanks JM!

Heres another funny Momism passed


Carol said...


Vicki W said...

Genes are funny things. Sometimes when Chris and I are with Mom and my Aunt, one of them does something that I do. If it's something that I know annoys Chris I will use that as an opportunity to say (proudly) "See, I can't help it!"

Gina said...

LOL < I agree! In our family we look over at each other and say........ACORN.
And everyone gets
Handy eh?

Anonymous said...


-----look at Avi and Grandma!!Wait til I show this to Avi and Art

Anonymous said...

I see this daily with my mom and grandma...more and more as we all age!!! It is cool how you put it together in your blog!!!

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