Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waking Sleepy Thoughts

Everyone can relax. I found my quilt maker:) ::Sigh::: Now if only I could find Moms recipe for Walnut Herb salad I would be thrilled. I have now torn this house apart for about a handful of missing items. I REALLY loathe moving. Think I need to CLIC, yes CLIC.
Whats doing for this Wednesday with you? I will be working in the shop on a custom Batik. I hope. SHOUT OUT to Ronda who just won BIG for her Darwins Diamonds quilt, I am so very proud of her! I miss her. shoot... CLIC
I have been collecting my UFO;s. Wow... I have more than ever before now. Like I said, 2 years running, Sybil`s all over the map. The one that pains me the most is the nickel quilt I began with regard to my James. You may remember talking to him in pen, on fabric.. Now I have a bazillion gut wrenching nickels to place, sew, quilt. I may just box that one up and be buried with it. Hmmmmmm
I have 4 count them 4 grand baby quilts I have never gotten quilted! BAD Nonni! Whats wrong with me?Maybe I need some inspiration. Maybe I need some anti-depressants? Maybe just a hug, ya never know with me eh.
brb, more java needed.........
So Las Vegas is soon for Dear Daughter & pal, then my turn, minus John Mayer! Grunt. I hope she is careful and keeps her wits about her. We really should have planned this out I cant wait to see Blima! ( and Mike) We are already making up codes to sneak away from the men and chit chat in real time. We may not need the codes because we just realized that our hotel has a BARE POOL, and the men just might be gone themselves! So did LV get bored with million dollar fountains and decide to build a nudy pool? I mean topless pool? It is very sovinistict (sp chk) that entry to the Bare Pool is FREE for all women, and the men are charged 25-40 bucks. Come onnnnnnnn
Hey! Enough yakking! I need to get to my lists!
Have a good humpday, pray that mine is focussed and productive K?

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