Monday, March 29, 2010

M & M's Happy Passover!

To you and yours!

One week til I see Blima!!!!!! yep yep yep... One week! Today she is busy with Passover dinner for I forget, 20...15... Pfftt... a lot of peoples! I asked her if she would attend church, after laughing at me at the church vs Snygogue snafu... she told me that CHURCH is around her dining room table! Works for me, best place for worship I say! So after 2 days of dinner, which took the last 2 weeks to prepare...she too will be packing like me to meet next week! We have vowed to hit some pretty big jackpots.. you know, for new cars, houses, little things like that:) I have a very busy week, with lists all over the house of course... I hope I have enough spoons to do it all because frankly... I have few these days, but I keep rattling the cutlery drawers in search for more. Have a Marvelous Monday Dear Blog Readers!

* Skype calls with pals, download it today!
* 3 of 7 productive days. Sometimes, there just arent enough spoons?
*Cell phone calls at a JM Concert from DD!
* JM Tee shirt from said DD!
*Shared plans, help with plans
*TJ Maxx opening at costco complex!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still laughing @ U, this will be one of the conversations around my CHURCH table tonight.
LU, B.

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