Monday, March 1, 2010

MM-March is Here!

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."

                                                      Virginia Satir

Sounds like Ma telling me that I was dealt a hand of cards, play them the best that I can. She sure loved playing Smart Ma, I say.  Heres the only flaw in this theory......... If one PLAYS the hand dealt them, never knowing when to "fold em", one must continue to handle the crap.
Don't fold cause that inside straight is just around the corner!
Dont fold theres another Ace just under the deck!
Dont fold ya gotta PLAY this hand out or you'll never know!
Ma? were ya brilliant or just loving me through it?
Just random first cuppa thoughts.

Good morning:) How was your week end? I tried to get some work done, didnt work out so well for me. I kinda got hung up with Mom stuff.......I didnt fold, I'll be trying again today! LOL
 I have a busy month planned, and Im shoving more into it as we speak. It's a good plan.

Marvelous Mondays Include:
* A fantastic shop to TRY to work in, I think I'm missing a TV in there.
*Friends n Family checking on me and Sis. TY
*Rudy, TELLING me that "Its Okay".
*God's promise when I see the rainbow. I wonder about those promises, I really do.
*HOPE, sometimes its all I can find.


marilyn said...

It's okay to wonder about the rainbow ..but
don't stop looking. I always look forward
to your posts, they are so real and from
the heart. Thanks for blogging.


Gina said...

Thanks Marilyn, your compliment helps especially today dealing with negativity:)
Thank you, really.

Anonymous said...

I am another one who really, really looks forward to reading your blog. I laugh with you & cry with you. You are an inspiration to me & many others.
Keep your chin up girl! You will see many more rainbows.

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