Friday, March 12, 2010

New Widget & Heather Comin'!

Have you peoples noticed in the last couple days the 3 pics at the bottom of every post? I may be Sybil come lately, but I just put this Widget on, and its wasting my time! Its Kinda Fun! I clic on those related posts and history unfolds itself, good and bad!
VERY INTERESTING. I really wish to purchase BLOG2PRINT and make a chronicle book of this mess of a couple years. ::good & bad:::
I also put a search bar widget on, so you can find recipes, and M & M's easier, but it took forever to load the page each time I clicked on it.. SO... I trash canned it.  I get several emails asking for back posts, recipes, etc...
I want pages to load and flip on command. Sorry? Keep emailig, I will share always.
Guest room ready/ check
cards strateicaly placed in plain view/ check
Pear crisp on the list/check
toy chest filled in/check
coffee beans grounded/check
 I need to make some chili for Kim.... what else? Oh crap I better go make a list and get to it!


Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Have a Great Time! Wish I could be there, too.
xoxo from Colorado

Carol said...

Thank you for the great new widget! You always have the best blog - love it!

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