Friday, March 5, 2010

Marshall's & Weight Loss JUST Out Of Reach

No one is asking about my new freaking fitness routine? Why not??? Might it be because there is so much going on all the flippin time you just FORGOT?
Well! Two things haunt me, escape me, elude me....find words..hmmmm
I am up to 1 -1/2 miles @ 3.2 mph... it takes me about 40 minutes. I spend this time trying to get to the beautiful spring dresses for all my girls at Marhalls which couldnt be more than 1/16th of a mile directly in front of me & this endless rubber band I walk on, but yet........... I never arrive. Then, with a heartrate of OMFG I'm gonna die tonight.... I move to the strength training machines. Now mind you... I have TUNED out all Bambi's around me. I have this ability. I stick in my ipod on louder than loud, and pretend that I am a grown up Bambi and they are all watching my routine because imitation is the best form of flattery you know:)... oh... where was i? The machines!
Geez... First up, 3 sets of 15 on each. I begin with the back extender. Most would think to stretch or improve my old back fracture. NOPE. I go there to lay directly under the fans to whirl my schvitzyness further into my hair and tee shirt neckline. Enough.
Next its the Chest press. I told the guys with no shame at all when I began, my boobs have fallen and they cant get up! He lead me to a machine that seems to be a workout for my back shoulders. I think that Arnold Schwarnegger does this..... OMG
After this I must rest so I move onto the hip thingys... at 40 pounds lift I am to move my legs in and out to burn  the fat off of my hips. One would think this could be erotic, IF I wasnt so schvitzy?  Feeling just a tad bit empowered I am ready to attack the ab cruncher machine. THIS is where my tune out skills faulter. I just know that every eye is watching my rolls go round the rolls... I cant even discuss this inteligently...moving on........
Leg press. OK.. I thought this was pretty easy, until I was told that its really like squats on a wall, only sideways. it didnt hurt until I got home. Never having made it Marshalls mind you!
Remember I told you I had lost 5 pounds? The good news is, I havent gained it back.. the bad news is I never lost more.. not even water weight the lil Bambi told me about.
Weight loss.... escapes me
Marshalls arrival...escapes me....
Everyday I put my big girl panties on and say that I am bound for success today. EVERYDAY.
By noon, I have trouble keeping said panties UP. The bewitching hours are from 4 to 7 PM...  The panties are down around my ankles and I'm considering putting the ole` feed bag on. I usually manage a few pull ups on the panties and make it to the gym. So far, all I have accomplished is looking like a Hot Mess at the 8 pm hour, no spring dresses for my girls from Marshalls, not an ounce slimmer, and those big girl panties?
 Soakin schvitzy!


marilyn said...

Your doing good , Gina. I know it's just me
but I hate when people ask me just in case
I have to say NO. Which is a lot lately on
my quest to lose weight and quit smoking.
I try daily and do good in the early hrs.
but by supper I'm smoking again. In my
heart of hearts I know that it is the worst
thing for me so I just keep trying. You'll
be a success I just know it.

Vicki W said...

Keep it up, you are doing great! I started some regular exercise a few years ago and it took a while but after a few months I really started to see benefits. Don't mind the scale. One day you will have more energy. Another day you will sleep better. The next day you will be able to do more reps or lift more weight. Don't mind the scale right now. Focus on the energy store that you are building!

Three years later I still freaking HATE exercising. But I know how much better I sleep on exercise days and how much less medication I need for my allergies and that keeps me going.

TerriW said...

I hear ya! I am waiting for the snow to leave so I can get back on the tennis getting too old to give me a good walk...ugh!

shirley said...

just keep at will happen. you could switch around the routine for the machines. try a different machine once. just keep talking to can do it. i have trouble with afternoons and evenings myself. i try to stay busy and do something with my hands that doesn't involve putting food in my mouth. move more; eat less. that is what does it. you are on the right track..just keep going. hugs, shirley

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sounds like we have the same exercise program. And what's up with the sweating? I sweat like a pig, sometimes I think just entering the gym causes it! Keep up with it. I haven't been dropping too many pounds but the clothes are fitting better (and looser) so something must be happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the hip machine...moving legs in and out in front of a mirror with everyone there watching (or at least I think they are watching)...

Keep up the GREAT work G!

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

You go girl... Hey, they say if you exercise in the morning it ups your metabolism for the entire day, ya might want to change it up for a week and see if it is so.... Love ya just how you are.. Ronda

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