Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tickled On A Tuesday

Today is the first day I am actually feeling excited about our Spring break trip to Las Vegas! Yep yep yep... its almost been an impending doom until now. Im not sure what changed, but I think it may have something to do with a helping hand.
We will be off to see Blima and Mike for a whopping 4 days. ( I think I mentioned this before) I have a dog sitter, bird sitter, house sitter, and we are driving, NOT flying! YIKES. We have front row seats in 4 shows that Blima and I have been longing to see. Jersy Boyz, Lion King, Love, Terri Factor.
We will even be dining with a foodie friend on one night! Walt & Mike Im sure will be delighted at the Morrocan restaurant to watch all the belly dancers. grunt. Blima has been in charge of dining, so I know that will be a treat as well. Im looking forward to the pool time just to relax ( note to self, get a new quilt book to bring along). I have made a tight budget to gamble with, but that wont work long cause me & that Wheel of Fortune have a date to WIN WIN WIN. Then............ look out world. I have an additional list of spending to be done! lol One of them is a new sewing machine! MAN this Elna is making me mental! Im about to dig out the featherweight and go slow for awhile.
So, the coffee is good, the list is growing, the attitude is UP, and only a few things could have been better on the first cuppa today. NEVER go to bed leaving a dirty kitchen!! Its hell to wake up to! Its just awful to put at the top of a new days list eh! chit.
Ponder food: Shaping ones destiny.... hmmmm I shall ponder this today. :::dont even ask me where that came from, it happens.
Anothe tickle: I received an email from a long lost neice last evening! I was so thrilled I nearly couldnt speak! ( NOT). My brother Terry, ( which is a long story and u dont know it) Had the cutest baby girl last time we saw each other. She is now grown and gorgeous and didnt even know she has a couple Aunties over here. How cool is that?
Another tickle: Heather is indeed Preggers and officially excited? Well, I was...lol I was throwing potential fabric all over last night after gawking at the lil sonogram sent to us! Congratulations H Woman, and I'm on it!
One more tickle, can ya stand it? I had a call from a customer Kathy Donelli who did not leave me her number to return the call! The reason for this tickle? She was my first double wedding ring customer, and THAT quilt went into her pattern and has brought much loved attention for Dear Gina services! The lime DWR even went on business cards! Now her son is to get married and we have another one! Trouble is............... NO PHONE NUMBER TO BE FOUND! So Kathy, or anyone who knows her, please tell her I CAN AND WILL do the DWR for you in time! Just call back! I guess in the move, I have miss placed my card files.... well .. no guessing about it.. THEY ARE MIA.
Ok, very late start but the second cuppa was as good as the first, gotta bolt!

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Desert Threads said...

I am so happy you are sounding so upbeat!! Way to go girl!!

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