Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Marketing Thoughts

Ok so swelling is down, one WEEK later I feel near human agin. WOW... What a ride! At the top of my list this morning, the quilt shop! Yes! Can she actually stand up for several hours and knock out that loaded King? ( pray)
I have so much work to do in here.. Mercy am I behind. The good news is....I FEEL like it! Its about damn time too! I really miss having a TV in here.. babysitter news talk maybe, I dunno... It shouldnt matter right?
I been thinking.... I have been trying to position myself to open a local quilt shop here, complete with LA services, retreats, classes, of course.. BUT.. In my travels this week, doing some much needed marketing, I am of the mind that I dont need that kind of overhead when I can acheive the same thing right here in my own home. Online, in house... Its a huge space, I am computer savvy... I got skills and a buncha hootspah... what u think? When in a hole, pull a Martha Stewart and expand and diversify? Thinkin on it.... What sparked this is a failing lqs, a thriving lqs, and a new born lqs. The failing is HUGE, outstanding location, and screaming for the likes of me! The thriver ( is that a word?) is filled with happiness and trendy fabrics and notions.. and best of all, Quilters! The newborn lqs, no larger than my master suite, cute as a bugs ear, and not yet on the map so to speak. Starving longarmers all around, ( save a few) and I need a NEW NICHE. Its either that or I have to go back to work in the hospitality industry and I SHUDDER TO THINK THIS.
So... I could write a book as many of you keep yelling for me to do.
I could open an online store, coupled with deargina services.. hosting all kinds of events.
I could stfu and finish 1 of 2 cook books
I could rent out quarters to a travelling nurse and hopefully she quilts on the side.
I could go shopping, cause when the going gets tough the tough DO GO SHOPPING.
I could drag out my resume and cry about that ( too)
I could go find backings for all those UFO's and get em quilted................
I could pour another cuppa and attack my list.
I could go bake a pie.
Mom? I so understand baking a pie alternative. I SO GET YOU.


TerriW said...

Wow! Sounds like you have a lot going on in that beautiful head of yours! Let is simmer a bit and you will know what you want to do.

Good luck! and hugs!

Judy Whitehead said...

Not sure which is the best, like Terri said, let them simmer and the right plan will rise to the top.

Speaking of simmering and rising to the top...if you every DO write a cookbook I am so on the list of autographed copies!!!!!!! You don't have to really cook to collect cookbooks do you???? ;>)

Gina said...

You guys are funny.. I have bounced it off Mufasa head, which sent him spinning... Now I will speak to my Marketing GURU this week end... Good to have good feedback! TY!! Judy, I gots your on reserve:)

Anonymous said...

I say go for it if you are able! If you can minimize overhead by having it in your home then why not? Plus you could do retreats etc. if you still have B&B space. ANY business takes at least 5 years to see profits (supposedly) but with your cooking, quilting, should be a shoe in!! Just remember it takes a lot of your time so much so that you could start to feel stranded. Good luck in whatever avenue you try. I am in your same boat..not sure which way to go right now!! Have fun and stir the pot until an answer rises out of it!!

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