Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Support = Success

The secret to success is in support. (remember the Who's your bra blogabout?)
Good morning, to above starter........... we all NEED it. Sometimes, some of us need it more than others, and more often. THIS morning, I woke up pushing myself JUST to get to the kitchen. It happens. Its amazing to me how one day I can skip in there, and the very next I must use self talk to make it to the same mark. It is on these days... moments... I search for a bra. Know what? I am so blessed to ALWAYS find one!
Having said that, this is just to say good morning to you, and thanks for the support no matter how great or small. I am thankful that God has sent many angels to see to my success. I pray that I too am a sent angel for some.


marilyn said...

Hang in there girl , next week you'll be
having a great adventure. You are my
angel on some days when I forget
how to smile. When I read your blog
it puts me in a smiling mood, no
matter what your blogging about.

The Sarah Bear said...

Sweetie - you KNOW you were my angel yesterday. Thank you for getting me through my crying fit and reminding me that I can get through it all. Love you more than you know. You are my bestest bra!

The Sarah Bear said...
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