Friday, March 26, 2010

Speaking Of Shoe Fetishes............

That comment that I made yesterday drove a nail right into me. Not only do I have a shoe fetish ( and I KNOW i'm not alone in this one either) but I think I better take ownership of a certain pet peeve that I also have regarding said shoes. It would seem that I am forever picking up and putting away Walts shoes. He leaves them wherever. The only place I really dont mind them being is outside at the front door on the porch. I think it gives the impression that a big strappin man resides in there so ya better not be trying to break in here. ( Like I said, it aint easy being me). Ok, so.. I suppose I gripe a bit, be it to myself, others or Mufasa himself. It occured to me yesterday that I left my new Skecther denim wedges at my daughters house last week. (GONE NOW EH) I also remembered how I cannot find my lil black boots since practically living at my sisters home. (SAD TOO Mom and I bought and loved those).
 I was writing yesterdays post while listening to Fergie sing Glamourous. A part of the lyrics said ( and I concour) "Gotta make enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish". Well, it hit me! I looked down to the floor and practically wrapped around my rocker are 4  .....5 pair of MY SHOES!! Its me! Its Me I am the man on the grassy knowle! Good grief! I leave my shoes all over too! Ya know that wouldnt fly when there were children around!  I snapped an embarrasing pic and took them to my closet, but before I got there I spied a PILE on the bedroom floor!
Bad girl. I'll work on that. Maybe what I need is a build out shoe closet where I can SEE them all.
PS: Thearica presented me with a blog award! Stay tuned while I write that up!

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