Thursday, March 4, 2010

Idol This Year Lost Something Besides Paula?

Is it me or is the show DROOPY this season, so far? I am in hopes its just All fronts, MY EARS! MY EARS!
I have always been an Ellen fan, but ..hmmm, not so much in this format? Simon leaving maybe looming over the show?
Gina just not locating her happy place yet?
Who knows... but the show isnt doing it for me, and I'm still watching.
Now 24 on the other hand STILL has me hanging off the side of my chair! I swear I need a xanex to get through this show! But thats another post.
Idol, shape up or Im gonna go quilt instead!


Anonymous said...

Everything has to end sometime & I think that it might be time for Idol to just plain quit. I will not be watching it again - waste of time. I just found 24 last season & love it. So I borrowed the 1st 6 seasons & watched them back to back. 24 overload to say the least. I actually have fallen asleep (but only for 5 minutes)watching the last 3 episodes. Must be my thyroid - lol!! Falling asleep during 24 is so NOT cool!!!

Penny (Bubar)

Anonymous said...

i am not into Idol this season either. it may be just me. but since it's BOTH YOU &'s gotta be the show. hahahahaha
shirley bruner

Vicki W said...

Yep, it's very boring this year. I am having trouble getting into it.

Carie said...

Thank goodness for DVR's. I skip most of it. I agree, it's boring this year.

Anonymous said...

Its total SNOOOOOOOZZZEEEEVILLE! I can't watch it in its entirety - I channel surf or flip back and forth - CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK.

I like 24 but I'm not home to watch it and keep forgetting to DVR it.

Karen A.

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