Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wine 30 At My House!

I was missing our San Francisco trips to the Wharf for cocktails so I made shrimp cocktails for the guests tonight. Tomorrow its crab cocktails. Wanna swing by? I think I should do this for the quilt retreat too. Hmmmm
I took a header in the kitchen today so I gotta tell ya I'm limping through the evening! There was a PUDDLE near the water cooler and I was busy snapping UNPROFESSIONAL shots of the said cocktails and RUT ROOO There she goes! Geez... My bad knee took the brunt too. To top it all off I was eating my OWN shrimpy cocktail and now its in pieces on the floor! :::Story of my life eh?:::
OK, I hear guest prints...better run! Come over!


OK, Lets chat shall we? This first award winning quilt of Ronda Beyer's( Key Lime Pie) is going to be raffled off at our quilt retreat to one of our 10 students! Is this a generous door prize OR WHAT????

**Notice** the feathered star medallions because we will be making our very own!

Really... we cannot afford in our quilting careers to miss this class. Sign up soon!!
I'm in shock! ...wondering off wondering if I can be in this raffle....dang it, do I count???Go read!!!
Ronda; TY!! U B DA BEST
HEATHER: Get here if you can we need quilter photo shoots for future festivities! ( say that 3 times fast)

Breakfast went fine, Fruit Parfait, french toast and sausage. HOWEVER, I was noticably distracted by above news.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are You Excited Yet?

She's Comingggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! Get your deposits in peoples! Its just short of a month away!! Ronda Beyer at The Pickford House Inn!! August 21- 24, WOOHOOOOOOOOO

Monday, July 27, 2009

Marvelous Mondays Just Keep Coming!

You see just how it works right? Even when your Mondays SUCK BIG GREEN WIENIES,,,, find the good, change your mind, your heart, your mood follows.

SO, I blasted Fergie, stuck my head in a quilt, and I am gonna be OKAY. Its debatable you know... from Monday to Monday. It is what it is................

M & M's include:

*Fergie, rock me out Woman
*The ability to cook something fantastic when your boss shows up, even though shes on a diet. grunt
*My Shop to hide in and create.
*Spending time with family, if only a short 24 hours.
*My Cuisinart...ahhhhhh things that cut..
*That little shop around the corner with awesome clothes for lil brown round women

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have a look at what unpaid managers do:)

Clic on this link for all the information!!

Or should I say.... What friends do for unpaid mgrs??? Thank you Heather!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Head in a Poppy Pita-M & M's

We love this lil Love!

Sarah turns 4 today. Time is flying by so fast. I guess that happens too as we age eh? Not fun. But what is fun is watching this girl grow! Have fun at Gymstars Sarah!!

I keep telling ya I have lost track of days here at the Inn! I thought it was a Monday! I am stealing all the time I can from guests and chores to quilt this Poppy Art for a frustrated doctor to the south. She sent me a shoe box of pieces and pleaded with me to FIX it! I am now in the quilting stages, finally... well I was, until I hated the backing. My black stamin looked like chicken scratch! (the back WAS the light fabric u see in the front... now its just an apron!) So.. I went to the Cottonball and found some yummy firey red n yellow fabric, came home, frogged all night and reloaded her today. I am happier with this. And........... the GLIDE thread! ( thanks again ronda). Man! This quilts like Butta! So who knows how long this will take. I have a full house all week, a shopping trip for me to find an outfit for a party in SF on Saturday. I think I'll look for black, and pretend that it slimmed me down 20 lbs. GRUNT. Walt loses, I gain... geezzzz
So... Mondays are marvelous, on tuesdays?

* A great wireless ergo keyboard in place again.
* customers coming all the way to cambria to see me:)
* My daughter meeting me for the swaree in SF
*Quilting magazines
* My Pink CD, when guests are gone, Crank it up!
* OK, the Thriller CD

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Had To Have It!

Do you know Ed hardy the Tatoo Artist Slash fashion designer? New handbag... He designed it JUST for me!!! :::I can think that ifin I wanna::::

I love love love it! If I could change anything I would make the bottom more stable, like a rectangle board in there..something.... But it rides the shoulder nice, the bluebird is sweet & happy, and I love the saying on the back,

For the wild child in me!

This is how I tatoos on body, just body wear:::snicker::::

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Sharpie Pen!

You may or may not know about my lil pen/paper fetish... no matter, just induldge me for a moment. Shout out to my gal pal H! Hey!!! Its a new Juicy pen!!!

Pro: Its juicy, feels good in your hand

Con: Its not retractable, nor is it archival for fabric, however Im sure on paper it may be ok.

At any rate, I like it! It's not easy being me?

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best Wooly Bear In The World!

She is the Inn mascot, greeter, free entertainment, and model for four year olds who wish to drag and dress her. My Ginger the wonder dog. If only she could speak to me...sigh... I'm sure she would tell me how the heart of life is very good. I love this beast. She doesnt even care if she is late on her salon appointment. Doesnt mind that the kids haul her around like a doll. She loves to take her toys upstairs and paw the guest rooms for an impromptu playdate. All at the thrills of the guests of course. When I searched for a canine companion, I did so with the intention of finding the level of intelligence of a parrot. Sir Rudy in mind. What I found was a love beyond compare. A creature capable of sharing love with everyone, and the brain to go with it. I love this beast, and I love sharing her. Afterall, love isnt love til you share it with others:)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need a family Fix

It happens? Ok, Karen, pack em up, head over. Heather? Ditto. I'll see ya Friday night, somebody show up, I need a fix. It would be a good Sarah Beach birthday?? You know you guys hate the heat!

I havent heard from Jake in a while.. I could call and bother them? Hmmmm
June, a quilter colleague pal o mine just left and made me friend/family homesick. I just WANT EM. Maybe I'm just trying to stall on working? Hmmmmm I loaded a wall art poppy and will be using my new GLIDE threads, so say tuned for any yelling or cursing. I brought Rudy into the shop for assistance. Its a bit un nerving to do those long strokes for a huge flower and keep things smooth and straight eh?Cross everything that my tension is nice with the new thread. I have a quiet couple days with only a few in house guests, so I am in hopes of getting much accomplished in the shop. If I call you, email or yahoo you... kick me out and tell me to get to work K? Unless I need to vent, then listemn up, and hang up, I'll be fine...LOL Lordy I do go on............. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Told Ya! M & M's

My days are just running together and I thought it was Marvelous Monday today! Lets see... Its defineltley summer vacation as my days are filled with different people coming and going. Today even one of our own quilters ( June) is coming to celebrate her anniversary! I am busy in the shop:::stop giggling::: I really am! I got a smoking hot new TV, (Vizio) flat screen so I can quilt and keep up with Ellen and Oprah! LOL Rudy isnt doing a very good job of chating these days so I need a new babysitter. :::sounded good didnt it?:::
Truthfully, I am very behind in quilt orders, and I think peoples are getting miffed at me. I am so trying... thats all I can say. So today i will make a stab at them, inhopes that Walt can install the TV. He is still very sick and I dont understand that. Muscle/joint aches, still sneezing, sore, tired, but no fever. I have never seen him so ill, ever. I myself have a can of lysol attached to my right hip, while the left one holds the phone for reservations. Wow... wierd life I tell ya.

Marvelous Mondays include:
Understanding quilt customers
My John Mayer Tee Shirt, the heart of life is still good.
A daily update from my Sis, cause I'm not there.
Costco Carnations, Last 2 weeks I tell ya!
Batiks! Geez I LUB EM!
The Kill Bill Whistle, Rudy is a master at it now! LOL

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ronda Beyer Retreat Update

Well, I came home to many surprises and this is by far the best one!!! These techniques are among the many that we will learn! yes, Piecing one day and quilting the next! We will all have time on the longarm here in the studio! I think I will go clean it and put pics up for all to see soon. In the meantime, Ronda will try to bring this beauty for us to fondle, along with many others. Dont hesitate in calling me for your spot saved! We have 7 spots left and of course the class is fully refundable if it doesnt fill. :::TRAGIC::: ( if you would like to send a deposit, thats fine, and I can collect the rest upon check in.

We will learn a lot and have a serious blast doing it! I have Walt planning things with electricity and duct tape, while I am drafting menus...Yippee!To read the full itinerary clic here!

Here is a picture of the dining room ( partial) Its huge,well lit, warm, and oh so comfortable! I wish the fireplace shows in this. BTW, thats NOT my His name is Manny, the wonder Sheltie:)

Dont forget, call soon!
One more just for grins and giggles!


did i mention that Walt has pneumonia?YEP, On Friday we took him into emergency in San Luis Obispo, and the they said he would be better cared for at home. HA! I left him!
He muddled through taking care of the Inn and is still ill. At the doctor at the moment for a follow up. Did I piss off the universe or what?
Ok, so just keep calm and carry on....ahuh, LIST, I made a list, going on down that bad boy and carrying on. Sure would like to chat, but I can't! Will answer emails and phone calls soon....if its not in the next hour..........wait longer:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Day Is Today?

It's really all a blurr. Our 4th of July weekend was indeed a wild one in more ways than one. I was called on Sunday with a full house here, that my Mom went into ICU with an infection and dehydration. I made a quick exit plan, and did just that. While Sis and I were tending to Mom, Dad fell ill and we called 911 for him. Both in the hospital on separate floors, my sis and I went to work on a game plan. We moved my parents from our family home into an apartment near sis. Now of course it held not a THIRD of the house, but all with all essentials in place we brought them both home yesterday. To sum things up,they are very scared children. Understandably so. But it was our best choice. The in home nurses came by and said they were on the mend. ( I dont thik sis and I are). This will be no easy trip for Kelly. I'm scared too. We have managed care plans, white boards up, all ADA compliant features in the place, and calls for prayer. ( for us all). They are determined to stay together, and we are trying to honor their wishes. Mom is doing better, however dementia is climbing. Dad is a very large demanding child who needs care and doesnt care where he gets it, as long as he does. Needless to say its been a hellofa ride for 5 days. I just arrived home in time for 2 check ins, wine 30, and damn I need a shower. I REALLY wish that I didnt have to cook tomorrow morning. Walt & Francella did great while I was away, which allowed me to fully concentrate on the kids:)
I'll be back when rested and can better explain. Thanks for your emails and well wishes, they kept me going VIA blackberry:)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Morning!

UNLESS Your parrot goes on walkabout crossing 4 rooms, 6 chairs, 2 barstools and a countertop, waits until your back is turned stirring potaotoes, and SWIPES STRAWBERRIES from your parfait dishes!!!At which time instead of throwing Sir Rudy in da cook pot, I smack my favorite stress reliever button ( thanks sis) ANd throw it all away and begin again.::: this was after I smacked Walt for yelling at the both of us....something about the health department, I dont freakin know....

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