Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Head in a Poppy Pita-M & M's

We love this lil Love!

Sarah turns 4 today. Time is flying by so fast. I guess that happens too as we age eh? Not fun. But what is fun is watching this girl grow! Have fun at Gymstars Sarah!!

I keep telling ya I have lost track of days here at the Inn! I thought it was a Monday! I am stealing all the time I can from guests and chores to quilt this Poppy Art for a frustrated doctor to the south. She sent me a shoe box of pieces and pleaded with me to FIX it! I am now in the quilting stages, finally... well I was, until I hated the backing. My black stamin looked like chicken scratch! (the back WAS the light fabric u see in the front... now its just an apron!) So.. I went to the Cottonball and found some yummy firey red n yellow fabric, came home, frogged all night and reloaded her today. I am happier with this. And........... the GLIDE thread! ( thanks again ronda). Man! This quilts like Butta! So who knows how long this will take. I have a full house all week, a shopping trip for me to find an outfit for a party in SF on Saturday. I think I'll look for black, and pretend that it slimmed me down 20 lbs. GRUNT. Walt loses, I gain... geezzzz
So... Mondays are marvelous, on tuesdays?

* A great wireless ergo keyboard in place again.
* customers coming all the way to cambria to see me:)
* My daughter meeting me for the swaree in SF
*Quilting magazines
* My Pink CD, when guests are gone, Crank it up!
* OK, the Thriller CD too...lol


Vicki W said...

What a cool quilt!

Deb said...

very pretty quilt...and that sarah...what a sweetheart and a beauty...I know where she gets that from.

The Sarah Bear said...

Happy Birthday BEAR BOO!
Awesome Quilt G Love
Black DOES slim people down! :)

Love you miss you

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt and knew I would as you splained it to me..... You love doing the thread play so play girl play and yes the GLIDE thread is Luscious and wonderful and, and, and, well you know what I'm sayin... LU MORE!

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