Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wine 30 At My House!

I was missing our San Francisco trips to the Wharf for cocktails so I made shrimp cocktails for the guests tonight. Tomorrow its crab cocktails. Wanna swing by? I think I should do this for the quilt retreat too. Hmmmm
I took a header in the kitchen today so I gotta tell ya I'm limping through the evening! There was a PUDDLE near the water cooler and I was busy snapping UNPROFESSIONAL shots of the said cocktails and RUT ROOO There she goes! Geez... My bad knee took the brunt too. To top it all off I was eating my OWN shrimpy cocktail and now its in pieces on the floor! :::Story of my life eh?:::
OK, I hear guest prints...better run! Come over!


Deb said...

ooooooh sorry bout the fall...kiss, kiss

The shrimpy cocktails sound yummo!...wish I was closer.........

The Sarah Bear said...

me thinkie this photo is DIVINE!

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