Friday, July 10, 2009

Ronda Beyer Retreat Update

Well, I came home to many surprises and this is by far the best one!!! These techniques are among the many that we will learn! yes, Piecing one day and quilting the next! We will all have time on the longarm here in the studio! I think I will go clean it and put pics up for all to see soon. In the meantime, Ronda will try to bring this beauty for us to fondle, along with many others. Dont hesitate in calling me for your spot saved! We have 7 spots left and of course the class is fully refundable if it doesnt fill. :::TRAGIC::: ( if you would like to send a deposit, thats fine, and I can collect the rest upon check in.

We will learn a lot and have a serious blast doing it! I have Walt planning things with electricity and duct tape, while I am drafting menus...Yippee!To read the full itinerary clic here!

Here is a picture of the dining room ( partial) Its huge,well lit, warm, and oh so comfortable! I wish the fireplace shows in this. BTW, thats NOT my His name is Manny, the wonder Sheltie:)

Dont forget, call soon!
One more just for grins and giggles!


Desert Threads said...

I gotta tell you all, this is the most fabulous place to say....and the hosts are the bestest!!!!

The Sarah Bear said...

I concur - the company alone is worth the trip!! If I go I will document!! :) How fun! Can this be a three (or more) times a year gig?!?!

The Quilting Inn!! :)

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