Monday, July 27, 2009

Marvelous Mondays Just Keep Coming!

You see just how it works right? Even when your Mondays SUCK BIG GREEN WIENIES,,,, find the good, change your mind, your heart, your mood follows.

SO, I blasted Fergie, stuck my head in a quilt, and I am gonna be OKAY. Its debatable you know... from Monday to Monday. It is what it is................

M & M's include:

*Fergie, rock me out Woman
*The ability to cook something fantastic when your boss shows up, even though shes on a diet. grunt
*My Shop to hide in and create.
*Spending time with family, if only a short 24 hours.
*My Cuisinart...ahhhhhh things that cut..
*That little shop around the corner with awesome clothes for lil brown round women

1 comment:

The Sarah Bear said...

And long chat conversations where you feel both closer and further apart than ever :(

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