Monday, July 13, 2009

I Told Ya! M & M's

My days are just running together and I thought it was Marvelous Monday today! Lets see... Its defineltley summer vacation as my days are filled with different people coming and going. Today even one of our own quilters ( June) is coming to celebrate her anniversary! I am busy in the shop:::stop giggling::: I really am! I got a smoking hot new TV, (Vizio) flat screen so I can quilt and keep up with Ellen and Oprah! LOL Rudy isnt doing a very good job of chating these days so I need a new babysitter. :::sounded good didnt it?:::
Truthfully, I am very behind in quilt orders, and I think peoples are getting miffed at me. I am so trying... thats all I can say. So today i will make a stab at them, inhopes that Walt can install the TV. He is still very sick and I dont understand that. Muscle/joint aches, still sneezing, sore, tired, but no fever. I have never seen him so ill, ever. I myself have a can of lysol attached to my right hip, while the left one holds the phone for reservations. Wow... wierd life I tell ya.

Marvelous Mondays include:
Understanding quilt customers
My John Mayer Tee Shirt, the heart of life is still good.
A daily update from my Sis, cause I'm not there.
Costco Carnations, Last 2 weeks I tell ya!
Batiks! Geez I LUB EM!
The Kill Bill Whistle, Rudy is a master at it now! LOL

1 comment:

June said...

Gina, Sorry Walt is still sick. You better keep an eye on him. We are just finishing some last minute things.(Like sons laundry) We will be on our way soon. I'm so excited.
Love Ya

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