Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need a family Fix

It happens? Ok, Karen, pack em up, head over. Heather? Ditto. I'll see ya Friday night, somebody show up, I need a fix. It would be a good Sarah Beach birthday?? You know you guys hate the heat!

I havent heard from Jake in a while.. I could call and bother them? Hmmmm
June, a quilter colleague pal o mine just left and made me friend/family homesick. I just WANT EM. Maybe I'm just trying to stall on working? Hmmmmm I loaded a wall art poppy and will be using my new GLIDE threads, so say tuned for any yelling or cursing. I brought Rudy into the shop for assistance. Its a bit un nerving to do those long strokes for a huge flower and keep things smooth and straight eh?Cross everything that my tension is nice with the new thread. I have a quiet couple days with only a few in house guests, so I am in hopes of getting much accomplished in the shop. If I call you, email or yahoo you... kick me out and tell me to get to work K? Unless I need to vent, then listemn up, and hang up, I'll be fine...LOL Lordy I do go on............. Happy Hump Day!


June said...

Gina thank you again for your hospitality. We had a great time.:) I should have stopped at wine 30. I'm so tired. Sorry if we made you feel friend/family homesick. We love you and I can't wait to come back. Oh yeah it's hot here 85 at 10:30. 75 in my sewing room. The air is running. Now I just need the energy to go in there. LOL
Love Ya

Desert Threads said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the Poppy!

Anonymous said...

You will love the Glide, you should have NO tensions issues what so ever! Pictures we need pictures....

Anonymous said...

you're gonna love the glide is yummy.

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