Monday, March 30, 2009

No Easy Task-M & M's

To move into one home, and out of another, entertain, organize, clean, be presentable and social. We are indeed spent, and it is nowhere near over! If you read the Pickford Pages, ( our new humble abode blogabout) you can see that we are multi-tasking to beat all. Walt & I have quarter bets on who will drop first. We should be finished moving all things by Wednesday, but then what do we do with it all? And...and... and... Guests keep coming! And..and.. and.. Spring Break is here!
OMGOODNESS! NO... control....::calm:::breathe:::: ( almost lost it)
I lost other things! My camera! My favorite Jacket! Its gotta be somewhere right? I miss Aviana:(
oh sorry... just crossed my mind. Which is nearing pulp stage. GRUNT. I'll have more to report soon. Happy Monday, I'm off to scrub the "other" house.

Marvelous... come on Gina... MARVELOUS Mondays include:

*Man this is taking too much thought.............
*Go along, get along pets! They just lub their humans eh?
* My new bed! (did I tell you that Walt hero'd up a new bed from Costco? Its sumptous!)
*Lemon Drops, love em, but sure makes me miss my Jake, he needs to come home dang it.
*Those really cool tape dispensers to strap boxes with. What a cool tool:)
*Walts health, its holding up!
* Corey, a friend who (even far away) comes to the rescue when I call and meltdown.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Morning Coffee Spew?

LOL, Glad I still have a few minutes with coffee and ICANHASCHEEZEBURGER site:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving M & M's

Sorry I'm late on Monday Blogabout. WOW, What a ride! We are nearly half the way moved, complete chaos, and the word exhausted doesnt even describe how we are. I'm certain that it will all be okay....SOMEDAY, but for now, our heads are about to spin off. Walt continues to go to work, we have managed to find matching clothes, and that hasnt been easy! I am free of guests until tomorrow, then I need to find matching clothes again! I do have my sneakers and Ugg slippers?? Does that count? I havent made heads or tails from any one room in 2 houses. Its so unnerving I tell ya. I thought it peculiar that I did manage to hit a grocery store for some fresh foods, then failed to locate the bag of produce last evening. No kidding, 3 tomatoes, 2 avocados, a red onion and a couple bananas... NOWHERE to be found. Not in a box, a room, 2 cars, THE TRASH..... I finally threw my arms in the air and took a bubble bath. I needed that. Today will be better now. We havent moved the shop yet but we did drop the top on my car and loaded up Greta Gammil head:) I wrapped and kissed her and told her not to break. She now resides safe in a closet somewhere here. ( I think) Rudy is chatty, and thats a good sign. He didnt much like all of the guests in the Inn last week end, but then again, he is in different surroundings. He will be fine, Im thankful that we raised him to go here and there with us because now, he is adaptable as long as he is with his humans. Ginger on the other hand has gone into her poodle protective mode. READ: Bark O Rama. GRUNT. Damned annoying. Julie came to help over the week end and Geez what a help that was! We are trying to get her to come back. I think she likes her room in the Inn:) Thanks Julie.

Karen & Art are expected soon too... I wish it were sooner than later, We need em:) I'm off to get another load... times running out before the guests begin to trickle in, and I havent even hit the store yet. I sure hope I dont lose THAT grocery run! Be back when I can, send good thoughts for safety and SANITY for us. You can also check Pickford blog to see what Im doing INBETWEEN moving!! GRUNT. Love All yalls Guts:)

  • No Pink slips

  • A new studio to be

  • A mini mansion to go to

  • Family heirlooms, however insignificient

  • Avocado's everywhere!

  • An adaptable Parrot

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawn!

I am sad that I missed loving up this hunka love on his birthday :( He is such a love I tell ya..... Idaho is too far away for his Nonni. Too , Too far. I LUB YOU SHAZ!! Happy 2nd birthday!
Not a great picture, but sure shows his happy face, his dads features, and his love to eat!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

So It Begins................

Please Note: New Email address as of 3.31.09.
It's really happening? WOW.
All is going well, Today begins official move and will carry on through next week. I will be hosting my guests while pointing at box deliveries. Grunt. 10 months is the shortest time I have ever lived anywhere. I think before this, 12 years was my shortest? WOW again. Rudy is VERY nervous these days and I feel for him. We are too! He went from saying "where ya going?" TO......."Wanna Go?" I think he may be wondering if he gets to come too:(
Poor Ginny is scratching at the box where she bewilderly watched her toy basket being packed into. She is also wondering the house in search of her fancy doggie dishes. Picky prissy doesnt like paper plates much eh? (she's brilliant I tell ya.) ( Oh geez LOOK at all those P's!!!)
I will try to get some pics of the mayhem, but its a bit difficult to do right now. I did however deliver that custom and the Gammil is free to break down, but I may sneak in a panto or 2 before she goes. We shall see. I am NOT looking forward to breaking down that studio for sure. My leaders are taking a beating and frankly, I cant seem to replace them correctly!
Times keep changing for me dont they? Its very freaky. Good & Bad. Thats all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Text Message Picture

That at least takes me to a happier place:)
Here's Aviana planting her own tomato and Basil plants...
You go Baby girl, and Thanks from Nonni..................

Uncontrolled Brain Waves

It's very strange, the mind. I never know at what moment, what the trigger is, or how I will live through it. You may recall that I mention Ground Hog Day when trying to articulate how the freight train hits me often about the reality that my son has died. No matter how I try to keep busy, wear myself out, or not replay the records in my mind, I cannot escape this pain. I wonder sometimes, like this morning, if I am not grieving properly. I know that there are no hard and fast rules but as I said many times I cant seem to give in to being completely miserable, nor can I let go of my boy. Have you ever gone over a year without seeing your boy? Hearing him?
I tried to put my finger on what the trigger might have been last evening. I have it down to 3 things happening before the clock stroked 12 and I died another day. Walt and I discussed friends and family as support systems when in need. ( we were talking about the impending move) I couldn't help but think about the past year in addition to this month. Secondly, A man called around 10 regarding the Deceased owner of the Inn that we are taking over. This man called from Maui, Hawaii, and had a heavy accent. He said Aloha when he called, and Mahalo when hanging up. At the time, I just returned the salutation, and went happily back to quilting. Lastly, I am filtering out photos for our web page and marketing campaign. The one that I chose, pictured below was taken late summer here in Morro. I suppose it shows different things to different eyes, but to me.. well... I see my own heart.
Two hours later from all of the above, I wanted to violently shake Walt awake telling him of the news that my son was just killed! Horrid, horrid Ground Hog Day. I can actually smell where I was, taste gulps of salty tears, hear whispering voices and become physically ill. Its all that I can do to bring myself around telling myself that I will not go and get my boy out of that rotten box. But its the hardest thing I have ever done,and I'm just not sure that I'm doing it correctly.
Now you know how I cant stand Blog Bummer speak. It does however help me to "sort" if you will... whats going on. I apologize, while thanking you for taking the journey with me.
There should be a list to go by for this process.
Love Yer Guts, I'm going to work.
PS: H? Plan a re-shoot, I gots the vacation retreat if you gots the camera:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom & John!

Was it the luck of the Irish for my Mama to have been born on St. Patricks Day? Did you know that they named her Patricia? Yep.. Little known family secret:::WINK::: Just told it:) She didnt like it much, so she chose the name Ruth.
Ruth is Hispanic. Her Mother a Mexican, domestic Goddess, Father Spaniard, an accomplished guitar vocalist. ( This should give you an insight to parts of me eh, the non Italian 'So Mom is a singing domestic Goddess, never cared too much to venture into the business part of life. She thinks that life is made successful just by making a good pie, while serenading and nurturing her loved ones. I have no idea how she raised such a fiercly independant G. (MUST be the Italian side)
Mom isnt so spunky anymore, but she can still make a mean pie. Or maybe not. I called her this morning and after she finished loving me up, she gave me shit for being so far away. OK... Thats my Ma. I hope that she has a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Ma! Im so glad that you were born:)
Then, If you peoples follow my blog from over 400 chatty posts ago, you would know that I have a new big brother. My senior, THANK GOD, and born on Moms birthday! I think its been only 2 years that we have been getting to know each other, and me likes my big brother:) I am so thrilled to have him in my life! Happy Birthday John! He isnt Irish either, but today, everyone thinks they are! :::WINK::: I wish he was closer and not in ALASKA, so I could make him a pie.
Its a Mom thing?

Have a wonderfuly green day peoples. Im STILL quilting on that custom sampler of 2 weeks ago, but I have green I'll post some pics of the birthday girl/boy, when I go downstairs.....Pita.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cooking Sundays! M & M's

Biscuits N Gravy! I can see Heather and Karen snickering right now:)
We had a great time, but frankly, wore ourselves out? There just arent enough hours in the day I tell you. Not nearly enough! We are seriously spent!
We had 3 rooms booked, and of course still learning, still moving, still organized chaos. Grunt. This is just going to take longer than expected !! We go from room to room talking about this needs to be done, that needs to be done and literally FALL on the sofa .....head swimming.
Time. Again I hear it, it takes TIME. Grunt. We met some cool peoples I must say... its just good plain hard working fun. I hope that I always feel that way. It seems to get harder as the days go by, however the guests are fun to deal with. Its the cleaning, cooking, decorating, re organizing, weight lifting, lightbulb changing, recycling, marketing, sales ad's, registration paperwork...WORK, thats not so easy. Oh yes, and Ginger minding. Shes a handful all by herself! She is very discomboobilated... again...time right? And then theres Rudy who isnt even there yet! I came in today and he was so happy to see me, that I am still being kissed!
::Gotta lub that::
I'm off to quilt awhile, I really need a day off soon. Love yer guts! G

Marvelous Monday's include:

New friends that come and go?

A TV in every room ya walk into!

2 refridgerators!

2 fireplaces!!

2 Cars!

my UGG slippers...omgoodness what would I do without them?

Text message pics of my grands:) I miss u Sooooooo Much!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mario Bateli Does It Again! Girl Scout Cookies Too!

Did you people catch Mario with his new Bruschetta creation? I'm going to try it ASAP!
Heres a clip to watch, get a napkin, you'll drool too! All I can say is.... MERCY! Hey really, do we even need whole meals when one can be made from a crusty yummy piece of bread? Ok... and Wine? Let me know if ya made it, liked it:)
I'm off to the Inn today!
Oh! Just one more thing! WTH is all the controversy regarding the Girl Scout Cookie sales? Ban Online sales? Are ya kidding me?? Leave the poor kid to her young capitalism ,entrepreneur ways! We teach to be self starters, enterprising independent lil women, and then throw them under the bus when exhibited? I'm screaming YOU GO GIRL!! Heres One clip..........
If IT IS indeed the parents idea... What about all the parents who sell our cookies at work for our girls? Could it be that ONE parent just upstaged the other? Again I say, Why ya cryin? Jeez....

Heres the recipe if you dont have time.

Spiedini Alla Romana
Mario Batali

• 2 cups (1-inch) crusty bread, cut in cubes
• 1/2 pound fresh mozzarella, cut into 1-inch cubes
• 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
• 6 anchovy fillets, rinsed, drained, boned and finely chopped
• 1/2 cup white wine
• 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
• 2 tablespoons basil, cut into chiffonade
• Pinch hot chili flakes

Skewer bread and cheese, alternating cheese and bread. Heat oil in a 12 to 14-inch saute pan, add the skewers and cook until crusty.
Remove from pan to a platter. Add the anchovies and white wine to the pan. Swirl the pan over medium heat to deglaze and, if necessary, scrape with a wooden spoon. Add the parsley, basil and chili flakes, and cook for 1 more minute.
Drizzle the sauce over the skewers and serve at once.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PPP Isnt Just about Quilting

Proclaim Provide Protect

Who does this you ask?
The one who loves ya. I mean REALLY loves ya.

Proclaim,To all who will listen, devoted love.
This isnt proclaiming ownership as in a new puppy. This is a proclamation of an everlasting love.
Provide, what you need, inside and out.
Be it a chat, a rub or a roof, providing for... is a show of above love, dont under appreciate it.
Protect, and defend you all ways.
Your honor, your feelings, your physical being, protection.

It's a good trade.

Now... What the hell is she talking about and to whom? Anyone who has not yet learned this lesson in life, and those who have asked me....... Please indulge me a few minutes longer as the coffee is fresh and I'm on a roll.....
I understand that we all have to go through our own crap but gee whiz, try to take a little wisdom from those who lived it, save yourselves girls! If upon examination you cannot see the above traits, Run, dont walk.
I sometimes cannot believe that I have come this far and am the woman that I am. I truly think I have always had an entire team of angels, and maybe, JUST maybe, I'm saved to help someone else in life. Every single one of us has something to give of ourselves as a lesson from our lives. If we so choose to. And of course, if accepted.
I had the honor of counseling Jr High girls for a few years, and it was a life defining time for me too. I found just how important it is for we as Moms to do our personal best to instill self worth into our daughters. I found sadly, how there are far too many hormonal teens, young women, with no self esteem to speak of. Not on the outside, but when you dig, you find. I found one more thing, that there was no earthly reason why I had survived, so I'd better make it count.
Even after THE most horrid time in my life, losing my son,RIGHT NOW... I still say the same. Most of my blog titles begin with "Why Ya Cryin" and I have to hurry to erase.... Woops, change channel...clic
Since those early years of self examination coupled with counseling others, I have adopted an attitude of happiness being a choice. MINE. Its called free will. I always had it, so do you. I wont get side tracked and lay my war stories on you, but suffice to say, in life.... in all ways... the choices are truly yours and yours alone. Make the choices that give you pride, and in turn instill pride in others.
I am so very fortunate to have found the above qualities in love. So very grateful as well. I do not feel deserving, yet I believe I have earned what I do have. Life's hard work wouldnt you agree?
Jumping down off the soap box,
Love yer guts.
PS: Side note... it just occurred to me that I must have some weird OCDismn with the letter P? No really, listen....In quilting, I (we) use practice practice practice
in business, my motto has always been Pride, Professionalism, Personality.
As you can love assessment, I use proclaim, provide, protect.... I'm seein a sicko pattern here people...LOL I will ponder this a bit.. OMG Ponder!!!:::::picking up the yellow pages for a shrink::::

Monday, March 9, 2009

Successful Weekend, And M & M's!

Hey! We had our first guests and a complete success despite the CHAOS of moving and soaking up all ends of the business. WOW. What a ride. I dont think that Rome will be built in a day, but if this was any sign, I'll be fine:).
I'm back to home # 1 now, packing while quilting... NOT easy BTW. Sorry this is a shorty, but............... Gotta go!::::visualize swooshing off the desktop::::::
Marvelous Mondays include:
A totally compliant confused Poodle
Sunshine on the coast
Bubble wrap!
Patient people

Friday, March 6, 2009

Coupon Clipping

Are you aware that foods too have increased in price by 5 percent in the past year? Yep Yep . Now Walt has been telling me to go back to coupon clipping for quite awhile. I of course think it went out with the dark ages of child rearing. With a family of six, it was necessary to coupon clip, freezer fix, and stretch my food dollars.

So whats changed?
Its a serious PITA (pain in the ass) to clip coupons in several places such as newsprint, magazines, mail flyer's, and Internet.
Its really a PITA to wonder 5 stores in various neighborhoods to collect all of the goodies you hope to find with of course 4 kids in tow whining, biting, running off and making you mental for the afternoon.
How about keeping it all organized in your purse, jeans pockets, glove box, on the secretary shelves?
Stand in line in front of an impatient non coupon collector patron while the checker goes through your mound of paperwork.
Round up on the phone all of your BFF's to save THIS one or THAT one for you, then remember to exchange it over coffee. ( well that's fun eh?)
TRY new product because they are on sale and through the years you notice that you have become a bit OCD about your brand usage?
Is there a way to streamline this for Empty Nester's Use? Hmmmmm thinkin.....
I want my 5 percent back!Plus! Its even more important now that I'll be shopping for the B & B too. You think I could find wine coupons? I already buy 2 Buck Chuck, and they just changed it to 3 Buck chuck! WTF?
I signed up for slimfast and Suave coupons online. GRUNT. Here we go again...............

Thursday, March 5, 2009 & Morning Madness

Have you joined yet?I wonder here on my lunch break! Good stuff! Lotsa inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! I think I used to have the link, lost it, re found it! ( tuff 2Bme) Check it out:)

I'm feeling stronger today,either that or I'm once again in denial today... who knows... Just roll with it. Even though I didnt win the 216 Mega Million that I thought I would, I just read the story and it was a wonderful feeling for the 10 people who did win it!I can just imagine thier feelings today too.. I have em all the time:::wink:::Next week............

I need help. I need a packer, mover, a hell of a lot more than a list I tell ya! I just wanted to scream that before I jump up and move my ass this morning. I tried to get Blima over under the guise of "snowbirding", didnt work. I called H, she is as swamped as I am! I tested out Karen, she laughed at me siting her nursing school and my Grands. I spoke with my son in Idaho, didnt dare mention how he should drive down here and help his Mommy. Tried Sis... she delightfully explained her upcoming trip to Disneyland. GRUNT. Next up.... lunchtime today, BA!! ( hope she doesnt read this before) I just know theres an Ethel out there... what you think? Can I do it? Sure I can, given enough time. ::think positively::

Idol was fun last night yes? I enjoy the whole "wild card" thing. Now tell me... who among us DIDNT think that that dingy Tatiana wouldn't be asked to come back? RATINGS PEOPLE RATINGS!!!
What a nice time to bind a quilt, smile and laugh and give my mind a resting spot for a short time. Thanks Idol.
Coffee chat was good, Wish you could chat back? I'm off to work. one job or the other:)
And then... before I left, I bought myself a lil somepin::::SQUEAL::: (4 work u know)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

I know that he isnt too happy with a bum leg due to his ulcer on his ankle and his new knee, but Damn... the man is just slowly being rebuilt eh? Last year it was a broken neck, the year before the knee, he has a pacemaker and had a triple heart bypass...
COUNTLESS surgeries and I gotta tell ya, he is becoming BIONIC! So whats not to be happy about? So Happy Birthday Dad, I know that you would rather be out treasure hunting or gold digging... maybe next year?
I'm having a funky hump day. ( say that 3 times fast) I may be a tad bit overwhelmed and I am at this VERY moment trying to talk myself out of a full on melt down. I have changed the channels so many times in the first hour of being awake, that I'm tired already! I have a custom quilt loaded that should really be much easier than I'm making it. 12 more waiting in the wings, 2 to go pick up ( restorations ACK!) One that just WONT get picked up by its owner. GRUNT. :::Thats just the quilt side of life eh::: I am already hard at work at the new job, and of course packing the house and testing things in the kitchen, and wondering where Jamie is. Its amazing how one wrench thrown in turns me into a spin. I think its a "coping mechanismn" on low for such a long period of time. I need to rebuild this. Difficult. So difficult.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stinky Link

Thanks for your emails alerting me to the stinky link on the right for I assure that its being worked on and will be up and running soon. We have changed our website to, and will reflect that as soon as its finished being constructed. It's an incredible undertaking when trying to move pages down the street so to speak! Also, when using the bartering buddy system too:::wink:::
I really tried the whole HTML approach myself, scared to death losing things here and there, and thought it better to leave to the pros eh? A girls gotta know her limitations?
Your patience is appreciated:)

Quilt site returning home soon!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

WOW What A Weekend! M & M's

It really just flew by! On Friday the daughters arrived with their daughters, and the rest is kind of a blurr? LOL We enjoyed the crab feed and watching Avi eat crab until she popped is amazing all by itself! If that wasnt enough, last night she consumed more sushi than her Pappa did! I wouldnt call it cheap entertainment, but I would call it entertaining!
We all had fun shopping and visiting. Those girls scored big time. I think Avi's shoe count ended at 4? Emily is now walking all over one month before her birthday, and the stairs needed blocking. I didnt say it stopped her:::wink:::
We didnt much packing done, not enough hours in the day you know? I got one box loaded, and that was BEFORE they arrived. grunt. I will do double time this week, in fact, I'd better get to the list now. Happy Monday! ::::WAVING:::::

M & M's include

Crab feeds, heavy on the crab!
Daughters & grands:)
Marshalls ( those nordstroms send offs!)
Rudy observing, NOT biting
Rain check on the rain for the week end!(its back!)
Guest Rooms
Walts bisquits N Gravy
Emi has eyes for all! very stimulating for her and she took it all in!

She can even talk with her

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