Monday, March 2, 2009

WOW What A Weekend! M & M's

It really just flew by! On Friday the daughters arrived with their daughters, and the rest is kind of a blurr? LOL We enjoyed the crab feed and watching Avi eat crab until she popped is amazing all by itself! If that wasnt enough, last night she consumed more sushi than her Pappa did! I wouldnt call it cheap entertainment, but I would call it entertaining!
We all had fun shopping and visiting. Those girls scored big time. I think Avi's shoe count ended at 4? Emily is now walking all over one month before her birthday, and the stairs needed blocking. I didnt say it stopped her:::wink:::
We didnt much packing done, not enough hours in the day you know? I got one box loaded, and that was BEFORE they arrived. grunt. I will do double time this week, in fact, I'd better get to the list now. Happy Monday! ::::WAVING:::::

M & M's include

Crab feeds, heavy on the crab!
Daughters & grands:)
Marshalls ( those nordstroms send offs!)
Rudy observing, NOT biting
Rain check on the rain for the week end!(its back!)
Guest Rooms
Walts bisquits N Gravy
Emi has eyes for all! very stimulating for her and she took it all in!

She can even talk with her


Freda said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Love the pix.

Anonymous said...

Fresh Dungeness! I want to dive right in. My favorite food on earth! Wish I had been there - and would have happily packed a few boxes!

Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

Gina said...

Marilyn, THANKS!!! I hope you hang out awhile:)

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