Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving M & M's

Sorry I'm late on Monday Blogabout. WOW, What a ride! We are nearly half the way moved, complete chaos, and the word exhausted doesnt even describe how we are. I'm certain that it will all be okay....SOMEDAY, but for now, our heads are about to spin off. Walt continues to go to work, we have managed to find matching clothes, and that hasnt been easy! I am free of guests until tomorrow, then I need to find matching clothes again! I do have my sneakers and Ugg slippers?? Does that count? I havent made heads or tails from any one room in 2 houses. Its so unnerving I tell ya. I thought it peculiar that I did manage to hit a grocery store for some fresh foods, then failed to locate the bag of produce last evening. No kidding, 3 tomatoes, 2 avocados, a red onion and a couple bananas... NOWHERE to be found. Not in a box, a room, 2 cars, THE TRASH..... I finally threw my arms in the air and took a bubble bath. I needed that. Today will be better now. We havent moved the shop yet but we did drop the top on my car and loaded up Greta Gammil head:) I wrapped and kissed her and told her not to break. She now resides safe in a closet somewhere here. ( I think) Rudy is chatty, and thats a good sign. He didnt much like all of the guests in the Inn last week end, but then again, he is in different surroundings. He will be fine, Im thankful that we raised him to go here and there with us because now, he is adaptable as long as he is with his humans. Ginger on the other hand has gone into her poodle protective mode. READ: Bark O Rama. GRUNT. Damned annoying. Julie came to help over the week end and Geez what a help that was! We are trying to get her to come back. I think she likes her room in the Inn:) Thanks Julie.

Karen & Art are expected soon too... I wish it were sooner than later, We need em:) I'm off to get another load... times running out before the guests begin to trickle in, and I havent even hit the store yet. I sure hope I dont lose THAT grocery run! Be back when I can, send good thoughts for safety and SANITY for us. You can also check Pickford blog to see what Im doing INBETWEEN moving!! GRUNT. Love All yalls Guts:)

  • No Pink slips

  • A new studio to be

  • A mini mansion to go to

  • Family heirlooms, however insignificient

  • Avocado's everywhere!

  • An adaptable Parrot

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Freda said...

Life is good gina, though a bit hectic. Enjoy it all.

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