Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PPP Isnt Just about Quilting

Proclaim Provide Protect

Who does this you ask?
The one who loves ya. I mean REALLY loves ya.

Proclaim,To all who will listen, devoted love.
This isnt proclaiming ownership as in a new puppy. This is a proclamation of an everlasting love.
Provide, what you need, inside and out.
Be it a chat, a rub or a roof, providing for... is a show of above love, dont under appreciate it.
Protect, and defend you all ways.
Your honor, your feelings, your physical being, protection.

It's a good trade.

Now... What the hell is she talking about and to whom? Anyone who has not yet learned this lesson in life, and those who have asked me....... Please indulge me a few minutes longer as the coffee is fresh and I'm on a roll.....
I understand that we all have to go through our own crap but gee whiz, try to take a little wisdom from those who lived it, save yourselves girls! If upon examination you cannot see the above traits, Run, dont walk.
I sometimes cannot believe that I have come this far and am the woman that I am. I truly think I have always had an entire team of angels, and maybe, JUST maybe, I'm saved to help someone else in life. Every single one of us has something to give of ourselves as a lesson from our lives. If we so choose to. And of course, if accepted.
I had the honor of counseling Jr High girls for a few years, and it was a life defining time for me too. I found just how important it is for we as Moms to do our personal best to instill self worth into our daughters. I found sadly, how there are far too many hormonal teens, young women, with no self esteem to speak of. Not on the outside, but when you dig, you find. I found one more thing, that there was no earthly reason why I had survived, so I'd better make it count.
Even after THE most horrid time in my life, losing my son,RIGHT NOW... I still say the same. Most of my blog titles begin with "Why Ya Cryin" and I have to hurry to erase.... Woops, change channel...clic
Since those early years of self examination coupled with counseling others, I have adopted an attitude of happiness being a choice. MINE. Its called free will. I always had it, so do you. I wont get side tracked and lay my war stories on you, but suffice to say, in life.... in all ways... the choices are truly yours and yours alone. Make the choices that give you pride, and in turn instill pride in others.
I am so very fortunate to have found the above qualities in love. So very grateful as well. I do not feel deserving, yet I believe I have earned what I do have. Life's hard work wouldnt you agree?
Jumping down off the soap box,
Love yer guts.
PS: Side note... it just occurred to me that I must have some weird OCDismn with the letter P? No really, listen....In quilting, I (we) use practice practice practice
in business, my motto has always been Pride, Professionalism, Personality.
As you can love assessment, I use proclaim, provide, protect.... I'm seein a sicko pattern here people...LOL I will ponder this a bit.. OMG Ponder!!!:::::picking up the yellow pages for a shrink::::


Anonymous said...

Gina, you are your own best Shrink. You have it. Suzanne

Anonymous said...

You might not realize this, but you have truly helped many. I, personally, have learned tons from your blog. Thank you! Keep peppering your blog with positive ponderings and perspectives...and God bless you.


Gina said...

THATS hysterical I woulda thought of it sooner or later huh? LOL

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