Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom & John!

Was it the luck of the Irish for my Mama to have been born on St. Patricks Day? Did you know that they named her Patricia? Yep.. Little known family secret:::WINK::: Just told it:) She didnt like it much, so she chose the name Ruth.
Ruth is Hispanic. Her Mother a Mexican, domestic Goddess, Father Spaniard, an accomplished guitar vocalist. ( This should give you an insight to parts of me eh, the non Italian side...lol) 'So Mom is a singing domestic Goddess, never cared too much to venture into the business part of life. She thinks that life is made successful just by making a good pie, while serenading and nurturing her loved ones. I have no idea how she raised such a fiercly independant G. (MUST be the Italian side)
Mom isnt so spunky anymore, but she can still make a mean pie. Or maybe not. I called her this morning and after she finished loving me up, she gave me shit for being so far away. OK... Thats my Ma. I hope that she has a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Ma! Im so glad that you were born:)
Then, If you peoples follow my blog from over 400 chatty posts ago, you would know that I have a new big brother. My senior, THANK GOD, and born on Moms birthday! I think its been only 2 years that we have been getting to know each other, and me likes my big brother:) I am so thrilled to have him in my life! Happy Birthday John! He isnt Irish either, but today, everyone thinks they are! :::WINK::: I wish he was closer and not in ALASKA, so I could make him a pie.
Its a Mom thing?

Have a wonderfuly green day peoples. Im STILL quilting on that custom sampler of 2 weeks ago, but I have green on...somewhere...lol I'll post some pics of the birthday girl/boy, when I go downstairs.....Pita.


Desert Threads said...

Happy birthday mom and big brother!!

Mary said...

My son always wished that his birthday had fallen on St. Patrick's day but it was on a Sunday the year he was born and they didn't do scheduled C/sections on the weekend unfortunately for him. He strongly relates to his Irish roots.

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