Friday, March 6, 2009

Coupon Clipping

Are you aware that foods too have increased in price by 5 percent in the past year? Yep Yep . Now Walt has been telling me to go back to coupon clipping for quite awhile. I of course think it went out with the dark ages of child rearing. With a family of six, it was necessary to coupon clip, freezer fix, and stretch my food dollars.

So whats changed?
Its a serious PITA (pain in the ass) to clip coupons in several places such as newsprint, magazines, mail flyer's, and Internet.
Its really a PITA to wonder 5 stores in various neighborhoods to collect all of the goodies you hope to find with of course 4 kids in tow whining, biting, running off and making you mental for the afternoon.
How about keeping it all organized in your purse, jeans pockets, glove box, on the secretary shelves?
Stand in line in front of an impatient non coupon collector patron while the checker goes through your mound of paperwork.
Round up on the phone all of your BFF's to save THIS one or THAT one for you, then remember to exchange it over coffee. ( well that's fun eh?)
TRY new product because they are on sale and through the years you notice that you have become a bit OCD about your brand usage?
Is there a way to streamline this for Empty Nester's Use? Hmmmmm thinkin.....
I want my 5 percent back!Plus! Its even more important now that I'll be shopping for the B & B too. You think I could find wine coupons? I already buy 2 Buck Chuck, and they just changed it to 3 Buck chuck! WTF?
I signed up for slimfast and Suave coupons online. GRUNT. Here we go again...............


Diana said...

You are right, coupon clipping is a lot of work but I routinely save around $20 or more ($100 spent). I think it is worth it. I NEED to save as much as I can since I have been laid off for so long. So every penny I can save, I do. My husband shops so that helps. But I get everything together for him with a list and amounts of items to use a coupon, etc. It works for me. As far as the B&B goes, you will want to deal with wholesale food places no doubt. Find the best deals you can. Good luck with your venture....and don't forget to weigh in! hehe

Thearica said...

Gina...I have just visited your Bed and Breakfast website! Butch is going to bring me to the West Coast in the next couple of years and I would love to stay at the Pickford! The room shown on the home page looks so relaxing!

Did you by chance make the matching quilts on the bed? They are beautiful!

I asked our grocer manager the other day when prices would come back down to reflect the decrease in fuel cost and he said he had no idea. I don't think it is right to increase something because of an increase in fuel only to leave the increase in place once fuel returns to a decent price (or somewhat decent!). Oh well...what can we do...

Gina said...

Di, I am a smart & final first shopper:) I checked in too.. I been bad.

Thearica, You come, you'll be welcomed with open arms:)

Dianah said...

First I am a HUGE coupon person. It's free money.

Now I will be the Devil. Working for a grocery store I will tell you some stores WILL NOT take internet coupons. There are a lot of fakes and the manufactures of the coupons wont pay. Don't be surprised if you get denied on an internet coupon or if one checker takes it and another doesn't.
Second fuel was not the only reason for increase in food prices. California had new laws go into place this past year that raised the price of Dairy Farming. Also their was a shortage of feed corn for animals because of the WONDERFUL (crappy) ethnol fueled car. Farmers had to cut back on the number of animals they could afford to feed. These are two of the reasons for increase of food prices. Milk and Egg prices went up becuse of this which then meant that products that used milk and eggs increase too.

I will get off my soapbox now.

Good luck G!

Yes they make wine and hard alcohol coupons. They are few and far between.

Judy Laquidara said...

Our local paper doesn't have coupons and if we subscribe to the "city" papers, they don't send the inserts that usually have the coupons. I don't subscribe to any magazines but I do occasionally print coupons from the internet. What I do is watch for sales and stock up on the items when they're on sale. I would have sworn prices were up more than 5% around here. It's crazy!

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